Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And To All A Good Night . . . And Decade

Hey Internet . . . yeah, been a while I know, I know, my bad.

But I'm a busy guy! C'mon cut me some slack whydon'tcha?

Alright, sorry for yelling, come on back. I won't do it again.

Things are well though and all is mostly, mostly right with the world. Home is nice as ever, and we even had a few holidays to make life interesting. First and foremost was Christmas, where we had some jewish family friends come over, because we like to keep our holidays nice and ironic, which is why we've invited over the Amish for New Year's.

(I'm kidding of course . . . we all know the Amish are myths. And if they aren't I'd like to see one of em come online and refute me! Ha! Got you there, Amish Community!)

But Christmas was good, nice and easy going. Afterwards, we went up to Massachusetts to go see Bema and the gang, which is always a fun and interesting time. Always a good time watching the family dynamics.

But before that, Dad and I went to a comic shop in (shudder), New Jersey. Despite the horrendous drive and traffic and foul beasts of the pit that make up the Garden State, it was worth it. We found a veritable gold mine of 75% off deals and oh . . . words cannot describe. Needless to say, should we have a thousand dollars and a delorean, I would gladly go on back.

And I suppose that leaves us to the big question . . . New Year's. The Coming Year. The Big One.

2010 . . . ain't that crazy? It's going to mark the end of my second decade on this earth, which went by SO fast, (sarcasm much?). But to think, a lot happened in these past ten years. Let's do that thing, where I tick them off, yes?

Graduated grade school, (finally), entered high school, wrote my first play, acted my brains out, improv for the first time, made a bunch of amazing friends, first girlfriend, first kiss, first maybe mutual break-up, (? still don't really remember how that all shook out haha), c'est la vie to high school, and holy hell COLLEGE . . . and yeah . . . smiles, and comics and books, and tragedy and death and more comics and more books. Family and friends and good times. Good food, good music, and quiet nights. Yeah . . . it's been a doozy.

And the great thing about New Year's Eve, is that it's a big old eraser. Didn't have a good year? Fuggedabouit! That's why there's another one coming! A chance to start over.

(And don't give me that bullshit about 2012 being it, put a cork in whydontcha?)

And I suppose if I could tell you anything, ask anything of you people of the world, it's this:

Take this year to do something great. Set a goal and do it. Read a book. Take up swimming, or mountain climbing, or competitive napping. Find love. If you've already found love, find where you hid it away and bring it back. Let your mind wander and imagine ideas that will shake the world. Let your eyes roam the universe and don't let them be content with mediocrity. Let your ears hear the finest poetry, the most delicious dialogue and the best fucking music you can find. Let your lips speak of generosity, laughter and goodwill towards men. Also, let your lips roam and perhaps find another pair of lips to connect with. If you've already found that other pair of lips, see above re: love to know where to go from there. Let your hands build, and let your hips sway and let your legs jump and let your feet walk easily.

Trust your feet most of all, to lead you somewhere you've never been. They know what they're doing.

Most of all though, live this year, live every day to its fullest. Be bold, be loud, be quiet and be content. This is all we get folks. Life is the brand new looking, fire engine red, beautifully painted, meticulously spotless, dustless, fingerprint-less Ferrari sitting in your garage. It's fine to look at, but it will do no one any good if it sits there.

Don't be afraid to drive it once in a while, okay?

Happy New Year. Happy Decade. Happy Life.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

8+4+5= Home

I am home.

Set off the fireworks. Bring out the wine, woman, and begin the song. Light up the coals and kill the fattened calf. Bring forth my minstrels and dancers. Come out my wise men and storytellers. Bring me my grapes and fruits and foods of all nations. Perfume me with scented oils and proclaim me a god over all mankind!

Alright, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.

I am home and it feels good to be home. I've gotten some writing done, I've been to the gym, seen friends, started work at brookstone, had our cookie bonanza, went to Albertus, christmas shopping goes well, and yeah . . . it's nice to be home.

It is a bit strange though. Like, how my bed is infinitely more comfortable then my college bed. How Brendan still upholds his rules of delegations, however inane they may be at times. And how I don't recognize half the students at Albertus and the freshmen look like they just popped out of the womb.

But regardless we're home, I'm home. And I'm enjoying it.

A quick reminder that the Worldbuilders Fundraiser is still going on over at Pat Rothfuss' blog, you can check it out here:

It's for a great cause, and hey, you might get something neat and awesome and fantastical out of it, aside from the warm fuzzy feeling of, hey I just made it possible for a family to thrive and survive.

Also, I am posting this because holy macaroni is it funny and retro-tastic.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Parties Can Be Mandatory?

Can they?

Yes, that's what I've learned. I have a mandatory party to go to tonight. Ha, I don't mind, I went to the last one, but not everyone did so I understand the mandatoryness of it all. I just imagined this scenario . . .

"You having a good time? Enjoying the food?"
"Yeah, I uh . . . I actually don't eat food too oft--"

At that point it slowly devolves into an epic fantastical battle between the forces of good and evil but hey, what in my mind doesn't?

Also, I learned, even if there is a plastic bag separating the individuals items, if you keep a piece of bread on top of a dryer sheet, that bread WILL absorb that oh so DELICIOUS flavor of dryer sheet. Guess who had a nice delicious laundry-peanut butter- and jelly sandwich just now?


Finals are all done. Fall 2009 Semester is all done. We just need to close up the quad tomorrow and then I'm home for a good five weeks, home to work, go to the gym, sleep, see friends and write my brains out. Because it's time to get my life in shape.

This semester I've learned a lot, I think I have. I've learned how to balance running an improv group, and a theatre group, and write a two act play, while working for residential life and taking five classes and still managing to sleep and see friends. I've learned that the beauty of playwriting comes at the beginning and I suppose the end, because right now it sucks to be in the middle.

I learned sometimes you got to man up and do what you have to do; also that there are certain girls you deal with crazy for, and certain girls ya don't. I learned cyberpunk is a lot more then matrix, and eugene ionesco is a crazy ass playwright. I learned it's fun to be a helicopter, how to make the perfect burger, and when Ralph Dibny is a resurrected zombie with a mace and his best friend by him, he can be a real dick.

Toy Story still holds up after all these years, Reel Big Fish is even better in real life then I suspected, and Rand will be okay in the end. I've learned how to fall on my back, my side, and my face, and that a hook-up only works when you feel something more then physical, (doesn't make it less awesome though). Aquaman is still lame as an old man, Sketchys should never be given a chance to party in a place the school can be held responsible, but we're still gonna do it =]

And that as hectic and jumbled and crazy as this semester was, it was still extremely enjoyable.

Hell yeah.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mcfly's Christmas Giftorium Part 2: Comics!

Hey all you wacky wacky folks out there. Hope everyone is doing well, finals week and all. And if you don't take finals, be grateful. I just finished writing a new short story, which was written in a creative haze and finished in the same way; it's always a nice feeling to write, it's an even better feeling to finish that piece of writing. Sure, I should've been doing homework, but I wrote instead, so sue me.

Anywho, I hope you all enjoyed my last entry about books, this entry is going to cover some really great comics I've read and hopefully you guys will look into.

1: Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli: I spoke about this earlier in the year, when I read it in August and I still feel the same way. This is a great read. Comics, I've noticed, can work in one of two ways: either the words tell the story, or the art tells the story. In most cases, one takes the lead, with the other supplementing it, helping the story along; I'd never discount words or art in a comics medium. But in Asterios Polyp, Mazzucchelli manages to have the words tell a story, while the art tells another story, which when combined tell a whole, complete, and natural story together. It's a brilliant search for a man's meaning in life, and Mazzucchelli isn't afraid to show you the love, brilliance, heartache and irony we all go through to get the job done.

2: 100 Bullets by Brian Azzerello and Eduardo Risso: Now this is a big one guys, a HUGE undertaking. If you are a crime/mystery/noir fiend such as that I am becoming, this is going to be one for you. 100 issues of murder, mayhem, backstabbing, double crossing, a mysterious word, an even more mysterious council and ultimately the battle they are embroiled in with their former soldiers. This one has it all. Azzerllo and Risso take everything you love about crime fiction and the comics medium and they do it right. Damn right.

3: Locke and Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez: For all you horror fans out there, I present to you Joe Hill, a fairly new writer on the scene,making his big debut only a few years ago. His thing is horror and man oh man does he do it well. I just finished reading his first novel, Heart-Shaped Box, which was great, also highly recommended. But for the comic buffs, I suggest Locke and Key: Welcome to Lovecraft, which is the first volume of the series. The son of Stephen King, Hill mixes in tension, murder, guilt, supernatural forces and a set of mystical keys, that open many doors and do many things, of which we've only seen the tip of the iceberg. With him is Rodriguez who renders this tension perfectly in his pencils and inks. This is not a series to be missed.

4: Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba: Part Grant Morrison zaniness, part Gaiman thoughtfulness and all Gerard Way's ingenuity, this is a great, great book. Fear not, Way writes with a knack and a skill that makes you assume he's been doing this all his life. Likewise, Ba interprets this story with colorful characters and a cartoony surrealism that only draws you further into the seriousness of the story. But don't worry out, for as serious as it can get, The Umbrella Academy, a story of six adopted super-powered children all grown up, is a wild, insanely exciting trip through the wonders that comics are capable of.

And that's that. Hope you guys enjoy, and I'll be back soon with something else or a rant or two. Also, Jamie just got back from Dreidel Drinking. Happy Chanukah all my Jewish friends!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mcfly's Christmas Giftorium Part 1: Books!

It's a lovely winter-y day here in the great country of Albany, the snow is falling blindingly, its cold, windy and frigid, the ability to make snowballs is to the point of sweatshop labor intensity and efficiency, and I am sitting in the Quad Office, while Mikela is on the great hunt for shoes and the like.

She says hi.

I mentioned before that I would be making a list of things that I think would make great Christmas gifts, things that fall under my domain, like books, video games, comics and so on. I would like to pretend to be an expert on all things sophisticated, like suggesting a nice bottle of wine or perhaps a new monocle for Christmas, yet this blog is not entitled, "It's All A Fancy Bottle of Wine or Perhaps A New Monocle To Me," so I shall just have to be honest with myself.

Just noticed, students are making a giant snowman outside of the office, further pushing my theory that as old as we become, we are inevitably five year olds on the inside. But if that goddamn snowman comes to life, I'm going to freak out . . . seriously.

Also, Chris says hey.

So, books, books, books! Here are a couple of books, that I think would make some great holiday gifts!

1: American Gods by Neil Gaiman: Neil Gaiman, as we all know, is one of my favorite fantasy authors out there. Not to say that I do not have other favorites ranked right up there with him, but he is ostensibly, the man who got me into this type of fantasy. American Gods is a great read, exploring the true nature of forgotten gods, and new incarnations of the gods we make for ourselves, through Shadow's journey. Dark, moody, hilarious, sexy, mysterious and downright breath-taking, American Gods is a great gateway novel into the realm of dark fantasy.

2: Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss: And on the other end of the spectrum, Patrick Rothfuss has a book that does the same for traditional fantasy. Name of the Wind is an exploration of the hero's tale and journey, told by the hero himself. Kvothe recounts his life's story, in an attempt to reconcile people's view of him, with how he views himself, confronting his own struggles and demons as he tells it. It is a fresh, new and compelling look into the traditional hero's journey and how the quest for vengeance must sometime take a backseat to survival. And maybe love. Go read it, and find out!

Also, on a sidenote, Patrick Rothfuss is offering a new type of Christmas-Giftorium-Opportunity over on his blog. It is a fundraiser through Heifer International, an organization that uses donations to purchase and give livestock, and materials to needy families, to help them live and thrive. Pat is holding a fundrasier/raffle, to help raise money for this great cause. I myself will be putting some money in, and whether or not I win anything, I win something, if ya catch my da-rift =)

Check it out over here!

3: Peter and Max By Bill Willingham: Bill Willingham writes this great little comic called Fables, you might have heard of it. It's a story of our fables, our fairy tales, as they live in the modern world, fighting and struggling to survive. Bigby Wolf, Boy Blue, Snow White and so many more. Peter and Max is the story of Peter Piper, who picked a pickled pepper, and his brother, Max Piper, the Pied Piper of Hamelin. It is the story of two brothers, and the paths they go down, accompanied with the great illustrations of Steve Leialoha. Great read, done in one novel and if you're a Fables buff, you'll love it.

4: Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson: Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite new authors this year, among Joe Hill and Pat Rothfuss. Brandon does some amazing things with his Mistborn trilogy, a story of rebellion and action, magic and destiny, religion and fate. Sanderson manages to create memorable characters, a great world, three distinct yet wholly connected magic systems, and he manages to tie it all together in three books. It's really well-done, go check it out!

And there are plenty more books out there, man there's almost too many, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. They're all great reads, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I'm off for now, but I'll be back soon to discuss some comics!

Also, I just witnessed a ResLife snowball fight. Mikela is pissed; hell hath no fury like an irish woman who got snow in her hair.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tis the Season

:: Deep Breath ::

Ahh . . .

Hello December. It's good to have you back. Your cold burns the lungs, and numb the cheeks, and when you snow, it feels as though I am walking through a haze of cold, wet stars that fly past me with the vehemence of a hurricane. But I love the moments when the snow stops, and everything is encased in a chilly photograph, freezing the world into the exact moment of tranquility that comes after the storm. Thanks December, it's good to have you back.

Time flies huh? We all knew this to be true, we hear it from such a young age, we expect life to move by us faster then it should be. It is this attention to time, that make us think of life as a slow thing. When you count the ticks of a minute, you realize just how long sixty seconds is.

But then in high school, you get busy. Whether it's sports or clubs, or work, or a job, or whatever, you take your eyes off the clock, and suddenly the world is passing you by faster then before. Grandfather Time, that sneaky bastard, steals away the seconds while you're busy living, and the moment you have to yourself, to look back at the clock, you're halfway through your second year of college. 

What a jerk, am I right?

I guess what I'm saying is, time is moving a lot faster then it used to. I know it isn't ACTUALLY moving faster, I'm not sitting in a room where the clocks have gone haywire, the clock hands going backwards and forwards screaming like some weird Pee-Wee Herman acid trip, but, well, sometimes it feels like that. I remember starting this blogarooni all the way back in August when I first got here at school. And now, it's almost Christmas. Crazy stuff huh?

Christmas, oh boy, that's a whole 'nother blog to get myself started on, but I will make these points . . .

-I'm trying to go out of my way with those I get gifts, especially my parents. As kids, they get us some of the most ridiculous things, and a lot of them, and all we give them are, "I GOT YOU A CUP FULL OF CANDY THAT I KNOW YOU'RE NOT GOING TO EAT!" You can only do that so many times. So I'm trying to do better with that, same with my brother.

- Psst . . . Bema! I know you read this blog, and I know if I ask you what you're hankering for, for Christmas, you'll just tell me not to worry about it, but if you DO have something you're in the mood for, let me know, same with Papa, or else it's going to be a cup full of candy I know you're not going to eat =]

-Early Christmas shopping makes life easier. Late Christmas shopping makes life extreme.

-The older you get, the less you want for Christmas. Or maybe you're just more realistic about what you're actually going to get. I think it's the last one.

Regardless, that's only the shopping aspect of it. I'll do a blog about Christmas-ness soon. But I'll also be blogging about some cool things peeps can pick up for others, stuff I like that I think others might like as gifts. So that'll be soon.

Also, I'm going to be doing some mini-reviews of WOT: The Gathering Storm and Peter and Max, two amazing books I read last month that I never got around to reviewing. So I'll be doing that too. 

But right now, I'm off to an open mic. So I'll go do that and see you all when I get back.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Break

Wow, I couldn't come up with a witty title . . . what the hell is wrong with me?

But hello Internet, good evening to you my electronic friend and salutations. It has been a bit of time, let's see what my life has been like . . .

Just got back from Thanksgiving break, which was super fun. I got home Wednesday night after helping close the Quad (I was on window duty . . . let it mean whatever you want it to mean), and I spent Wednesday night saying hey to the family again, grandparents were down so it was really nice to see Bema and Popa, and then after storming through comics with a speed olympic athlete's find impressive, I went over to Olsen's to see my good buddy and his family. I didn't have too much time with him, but it was good seeing him and knowing that he is happy and healthy.

Thanksgiving itself was nice and quiet, a chance to sit down with family and enjoy a meal with the formality and joviality that we sometimes don't have time for anymore. Dad didn't make a goof of himself during grace this year, which is sad because it's always hilarious to watch, but what are you going to do?

Friday I reunited with the Gang for a bit of time, realized the odd girl at Panera still knows who I am, not to jump in front of Barnes and Nobles, girls in elf hats dig me, went to Giuseppe's, saw a bunch of friends there which was awesome, then felt uncomfortable, then left to go to Ben Karlin's and learned Brendan is usually right about when I will have a good time or not. I won't say it to him personally, but he can read it here.

Saturday was more time with Giuseppe (My Boy! Bombs? They are yours my friend!), went to the insanity of the mall, made sure I still had a job at Brookstone and said hey to them, then grabbed Jesse, hit the comic shop, got my self-esteem ripped to shreds and my balls busted, then went home and wrote up a storm. So yeah, Fallen Draft Two is all finished =]

I then raced through the rest of the comics I had to read. Yeah, I know, Dad's fault I live this way. He got me addicted to something affordable . . . at least crack is expensive haha.

But it was a great time being home, and soon I'll be back. I'm back at Albany for some fun and excitement! Oh! Shakespeare Abridged got approved! Fun times huzzah!

Alright I'm off to go help Dave and do my Macbizzle project! Later!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

All's Well That Ends Well

I did not get cast for the other spring semester show.

This makes me sad and pissed and a little bitter.

Welcome to the world of the actor.

But, who am I to say what the other director was looking for? Hell, there were only four male roles it turns out, and well, I just didn't fit in for it. But I do have friends in it, who were cast and I wish them all the best in it and hearty, sincere congratulations.

I would have loved to have been a part of either production, hell, I'll take Tree #3 for godsake.

But, I suppose I just have to think of this as a positive thing. I'm way too busy as it is and I'm only going to get busier. Plus, it's not as though I'm entirely uninvolved in the Theatre Department. They're putting on one of my shows for goodness sake, and I'm part of the Season Selection Committee, so that's all still good.

This is just going to the be the first year I have not acted in a school production, at least in the Spring Semester. It's a strange feeling, but it also gives me hope.

Hope, that now, Matt and I can pull off doing Shakespeare Abridged! Huzzah! To the Drawing Board!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Also, I just wanted to make a quick post about my Auntie Linda, who passed away today, two years ago. Two years flies fast, too fast it seems at times. I can still remember sitting in the comic shop, a stack of comics in front of me, just staring aimless into them, processing the news. 

And it sucks.

It is always going to suck.

But I will not spend this post complaining on that which life has dealt my family and I. All I will say, is I miss her. A lot. I miss her kooky laugh, and her stubborn manner and her caring heart. I miss her yelling at Dad over whether or not we could jump on couches, or her acting like a kid because she felt like it. I miss her infectious energy, her smile, her ginormous tank of a truck and her liberal rules when it came to what exactly we could and could not do in her house. 

What I miss most however, is the time we will not have together. How she won't hear my crazy college stories, or how I'm failing or succeeding with the ladies; how she won't make fun of Dad getting older, or Bren losing his hair (I don't think he is, but try telling him that), or Mike going to Germany. How my writing is going and my acting, and all things of that nature. 

But I figure, wherever she is right now, she'd be proud, of who I am, and who I am becoming. 

And I'm going to keep trying to do that for her. 

Much love Auntie Linda, we miss you.

No Business Like Show Business, Like No Business I Know!

I know, I did it again Internet, I took some time off for my real life and forgot to update you. I apologize, but I will not be sorry for living my life! Ha, anywho, been real busy with life and especially theatre has seemed to consume the brunt of my days, these past few weeks being a haze of monologue learning, and scenes being rehearsed and being written and oh, it's been a lot. Let's see if I can go through and tell you what's been going on.

But first let me say I am feeling a lot better then before; had a bit of a nasty cold/flu/bronchitis thing the past week but am about 97.5% better then I was. So, almost there.

But the thing to say is, Fallen had its first reading this past Wednesday, with the cast, the director, and whoever else wanted to come, sitting down to read the first draft. God, it was nerve-wracking. It was insanely exciting and cool, don't get me wrong. But man, after they finish reading it, you go through the notes you have, and then ask them questions, and they tell you things they noticed, or things you need to work on, or things that could be better, or you could add, subtract, multiply, divide, and so on and so forth, until you feel like an idiot or your head is about to explode.

Which, don't get me wrong, is what the process is all about; writing is not a beast you slay once and then the tale is over, only rarely is that truth. The first draft is a mad flurry of brush strokes onto a canvas, furiously finding the color and shapes needed to help make your baby. Editing however, especially with a deadline, is finding that you're floating on the ocean with a boat riddled with holes; it is the rapid filling of those holes, with whatever works and whatever can help keep the boat afloat. If it doesn't work, it's going to sink and you have to hurry to fill it with something that will. 

But don't let this description fool you. It is a hurried, frenetic amazing experience and I look forward to seeing what I can do to make this boat not only stay afloat, but stay golden.

Also, I had auditions and callbacks for the Spring shows here at UAlbany. I got a callback for one of the shows, 10 for 2010, a show of ten scenes from ten great plays in UAlbany Theatre's 100 year history. I did not get one for the Crucible, which I am disappointed about, but what are you going to do? I mean, I was upset, of course, but hell, I may just not be the guy they were looking for. I guess since I had worked with Chad, the director, last year, I may have been given a shot or something, but you know what, it's okay. He's a great guy and we worked well together but that doesn't mean he owes me something. He's got to do what he has to do to make this the best show possible for him, and if I'm not right for a part, it's nothing against me, it's just out of my control. And I'm okay with that.

Because it's show business and that's the way things roll . . .

But here's hoping I get cast for 10 for 2010 and you'll know if I am soon!

Also, expect a couple of book reviews up here soon, I know I've been slacking haha.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Putting the Pen Down

In other good news, I've put down the metaphorical pen.

Fallen, the play I have been working on since June, is now done.

At least the first draft haha. 

But it is completed and done and finished and done and finished and completed and I very happy. I am happy with the words and the ending and the characters and a myriad of other things my tired brain can't think of.

It will, of course, in the end need tinkering and retooling and revising and editing and other english major terms.

But for now, it is done, and that makes me happy.

Now I turn south to Editing, a city of revising miscreants, who always take back what they've said and carry around erasers, to edit things that may or may not be words, but can indeed be changed.

Hope people have read my review from before and for those interested, I will hopefully be writing up my review of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson's Wheel of Time novel, The Gathering Storm, next week.

Until then gang!

Review: Servant Of A Dark God by John Brown

So I was thinking to myself the other day, I say, "Self! This blog is awesome and we do awesome things on it, but we can do even MORE awesome things if we put our minds to it!" 

So Self and I sat down and we seem to have to come to a pretty awesome conclusion.

I love to read; it's been a thriving, burning, some would say ridiculous passion for many, many years. And boy-howdy am I proud of it. I love it. I started young with that young about the snowman, and other such books, but it wasn't enough. Luckily, Pop got me hooked early; not on drugs, but something as equally addicting: Fantasy novels, and comic books. My gateway drugs were the Chronicles of Narnia, and old Red Circle characters such as The Comet, The Web, The Inferno, all of those guys. Both works are filled to the brim with classic tropes; Narnia for it's epic story, solid, unshakeable heroes and heroines, and fantastical items, people and creatures. The superheroes were powerful, defiant and laid down the law with their chiseled jaws. These led me to Archie Comics and Lord of the Rings, to Spider-man and Redwall and so on.

Until I hit Neil Gaiman and his novel, American Gods. Ho-lee Shit . . .

That's the book that turned me and my notion of fantasy on our heads. These could be dark places, filled with malevolent forces and tricksters, overflowing with mythos and legends, some past, some modern. From there, the door was opened and I devoured everything I could under this heading, this new type of fantasy. Some select among the bunch are The Sandman series, Wheel of Time series, A Song of Ice and Fire, Dark Tower series, Mistborn series, Name Of The Wind and so many, many more. 

And a new one to the fold, John Brown's, "Servant Of A Dark God."

Brown's book falls, in my opinion, under the heading of the aforementioned titles, as a dark fantasy, brimming with hidden lore, ancient power, old threats and new heroes. It is the first in a trilogy and I would say Brown does exceedingly well in crafting a tale of family, magic, duty and power.

Servant Of A Dark God follows Talen, a young Koramite farmer who lives with his family; Da, his brother Ke, sister River and cousin Nettle, who is a Mokaddian. They live peacefully and work hard to make a living, in a world where Koramites are looked down upon by Mokaddians, and must do what they can to please them. The plot begins when a local Koramite family is accused of Slethery which is the illegal use of lore (magic), usually to tamper with a thing's Fire, the accumulation of a person's living days, Soul or Body. A great hunt is mustered to catch the Sleth and their children; Talen and his family are drawn into the conflict and must come together, despite hidden secrets, and survive.

Meanwhile, an ancient evil has risen, one whose Mothers had once herded and cultivated humans for their Fire, and she intends to continue the tradition.


This is a good book. One of the better I've read this year. It's astonishing the amount of backstory and thought that went into crafting this book. John Brown is able to take a simplistic setting, a quiet opening of pants gone missing, and slowly introduce a world filled with magical rulers, evil gods, Fire and lore, and a beast made of stone and earth, more on him later.

One of the things I truly loved about the book, was the aspect of family. Introducing characters separate and then bringing them together is a tried and true approach to character development. Brown opting to follow the story through a tight-knit family, brought me into them instantly. Characterization is huge for me, in both my reading and what I write. As a family, the book already opened with the characters familiar with one another and I felt that connection right off the bat. 

Another thing that really impressed me was the magic system. I always respect an author for taking the time and consideration to craft and hone a really intricate but exciting magic system, something I am attempting right now. Two of those examples would be the three entirely different magic systems from Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn system (highly recommended), Allomany the first among them, and the incredibly scientific yet magical system of Sympathy from Patrick Rothfuss' Name Of The Wind. 

Brown's use of magic through the use of weaves, lore and especially Fire is complex and interesting, the surface barely being scratched in this first novel. We know men can multiply their natural abilities using Fire or special weaves, such as the dreadmen, but as shown through one of the Divines, or The Mother, there are things our heroes barely know of. Add that to the fact that men may be born with different abilities and we've yet to see what Talen may fully do, I am patiently impatient to see what there is to come.

Victor's Crown for the win, just saying.

One thing that I think Brown is missing at some points, is a lack of cohesion in some aspects of the government and hierarchy of the world, and some points in the story. I understand leaking out small details about the world over the course of the story, of course, you want to slowly engage the reader in your world, no worries. I felt at some points however, the action of the story, and the detail of the world somewhat muddled together and I became a tad lost as to why things were happening. I saw a bit of the same in the plot, where I became lost as some characters suddenly were elsewhere and I felt maybe some time could have been given to transitions, or maybe I did not notice it at first. Either way, both are fixable by either a quick look in the glossary in the back, or backtracking a few pages to catch yourself up; neither of which deter from the book in any significant way.

Lastly, I must say, Hunger has to be one of my favorite characters in the novel. A beast made of stone and earth, inhabited by a dead Divine, and possessing the soul of an anguished father, Hunger is one of the most dynamic characters of the novel. I applaud Brown's use of humanizing him; it was horrible to witness his realization about what happened to his, "family." Kudos sir!


Servant Of A Dark God is a successful novel for John Brown, and I wish him all the best in its sequel, Curse Of A Dark God due out sometime next year; I await it eagerly. Filled with ancient threats, family struggles, powerful magic and a giant beast of earth and stone, what's not to love? Do yourselves a favor and go pick up this book, you won't be disappointed.

4.5 Stars out of 5!

PS: I will be shortly posting this on Mr. Brown's Twitter, which is how I found out about the book. We've chatted back and forth a couple times, and he seems like a pretty swell guy. Hope he likes the review and that we can keep in touch!

The Day The Pumpkin Came and Went

Y'know, I was going to do a blog on news in my life and a blog on reviewing one of the new awesome fantasy books I've read, but seeing as it's Halloween, I feel inclined to let you know what I think of it, as a young adult now and not a toddler of yore.

I still love it, I do. The atmosphere is impeccable; you can taste the darkness in the air, the slight hint of something being off. As though something has bridged this world, this night, and some other place, that is slightly more off then this one. A world of frights and ghouls, a place where a whisper in the wind is more a living thing then a breeze, a place where pumpkins cast looks of wariness and authority, backlit by crimson and orange light. It's a time to let your mischief run wild, become the impostor, release the Id, let loose the shackles you hold on indecency and craziness and let yourself run into the night.

Now, I'm done waxing poetic, but that's my take on Halloween; it's a time of dressing up by dressing down, of offering an ultimatum to uncertain individuals. "Trick Or Treat," = "Give Us Candy Or Else." Though that's been toned down a day due to terrorism scares and economic collapse, the basic message is the same for all you kids . . . until you hit your teenage years. 

It's strange, who wouldn't love dressing up and walking around at night with friends being given basically free food? Don't they realize that this is the kind of scheme third world countries would die for? How could you ever think for a moment, "I'm getting way too old for this."

Because at some point along the line, for 80% of the teenage population, Halloween becomes two different things. For guys, it's who can do the most damage, and for girls, it's who can show the most skin and still be legally allowed outside and not solicited as a lady of the night. This holiday of trickery, mayhem and sugar rushes turns into one of debauchery and scantily clad ladies! 

Not that I mind all of this, a little bit is fine, because we do grow older, and guys want to mess around, and girls want to flaunt what they got, I understand. But seriously, ladies and gents? Wrapping caution tape around your breasts, IS NOT A COSTUME! Wearing shorts so short you can feel the hem when you cough IS NOT A COSTUME! And gents c'mon, I'm all for a good time, but pulling the fire alarm at 4 in the morning isn't fun, it's goddamn stupid. 

I don't know . . . maybe it's me who is behind the times. I'm still sitting waiting for the Great Pumpkin while Pig Pen and Charlie get into a drunken brawl down on Ontario because Pig Pen hit on his little sister . . . (Yes, I just matured and ruined classic, iconic characters of our past because it drives home a point.)

But I don't care. I know enough of the 20% that still loves free food and good company and I'm not giving up on Halloween. Sure, maybe twenty years down the road I should consider maybe not doing it, but I have a feeling when I'm married and I have kids, I'll be dressing up too and trick-or-treating with them. Either that or imposing a Daddy Candy Tax, you know, like the British did.

Either way, I'll be enjoying Halloween. And hope all of you do as well.

Happy Halloween Internet. I really do like the Myspace costume.

It's super scary.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sweating Out My Demons

"Good evening my soulless minions of the world," he said in his best Warren Ellis impression voice, which turned out to be nothing more then a sort of disgruntled yet wise British sort of voice.

Hope all is well with all of you. I'm doing well, just plodding onwards and upwards with all things in my life. Tonight I feel like I should be busy but I'm not . . . it's a strange feeling, being so busy then coming up with a day when you are not, I feel like I need to be doing something, so I'm here.

A train of thought pulled into the station tonight and I wanted to explain it to y'all, if anyone's interested. If you're not then just sit there patiently and then we'll do what you want to do.

I have two friends, both of them were great friends with each other; great friends with me as well, but these two clicked in a way only found among legos or remote controls. And then college happened. And then more things happened. And now they are no longer friends.

One wants to make peace, the other does not. It's a strange thing to watch, to see the battle but not be of it. It is a regrettable thing to see happen and it really does sadden me to think that this can happen to the best of us. That even the best of us together can be torn apart by the worst of human sentiments. 

And they know that this isn't a judgment in them, that's not me. But to me, friendship is an organic thing. It is neither by the will of one or the other as to where it goes. It's a marriage, a polygamous one, yeah, but a marriage nonetheless. Actions, decisions, thoughts, events occur not by the will of one, but of two. 

So I sit here scratching my head, when now, months later, one extends the olive branch and asks for new beginnings, maybe even a hello. And I tear that hair out when the other refuses, blaming her reasons on some weird code or arrangement she believes she is following. And maybe ultimately, that is better for them. But I say again, things can never change among two people, two friends, unless they are both willing to come out and extend their hands to each other, trusting that this time will be better.

So that's what I got to say about that.

In other news I am trying to get back to the gym, sweating my demons out, (oh Marty that was your title! - Yes I know I am SO smart). It sucks and it's terrible, but hell, it's what I got to do. And I know if Mike was here he'd kick me in the groin and throw me out a window if he learned I had no time for it.

I know, I'm exaggerating. 

Anywho, off to do some writing. Is it homework? Is it fun-work? SPIN THE WHEEL AND FIND OUT!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Star Skin Edit

Well, Mom raised a good point. 

The big bad Copyright Monster is strong in its own right, extremely so sometimes. Yet against the Jerk On The Internet, it stands no chance. 

So thanks to Mom,always filled with good ideas, I have taken down the story. But I have saved it, and may again put it back up here once I do some official copyrighting and whatnot. Until then, please feel free to email me at asking to read it, and I can send it to you =]

Thanks! Now off to an open mic!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hey Internet, I'm Still Alive!

Wow . . . I'm embarrassed. 

Seriously, wow. I'll just stand over here and feel bad about myself. 

It's been almost 3 weeks! 3 WEEKS! Holy Mackerel Andy . . . I'm so sorry Internet . . . it's like I've been on a business trip but never updated, linked, posted or wrote while I was away. I've been so freaking busy it's not funny.

I will now feel Shame and Shame's second cousin, Disdain, from you, my beloved Internet Community. I will serve penance for exactly 15 minutes, as that is how long it takes for me to write this blog. Should I finish early, I'll submit myself to Torture by Rick Astley for the remainder of the time. But, onto my life . . .

My life has been a roller coaster of a whirlwind of a hurricane of craziness, improv, science fiction, Mistborn, women, reslife, theatre, classes, family, friends, and now a proposal. (Not one for me or from me, but for dear family; more on it later.)

I was in a production of Plays In Process last weekend; Mom and Dad and Brendan came on up, so that was a good time, Brendan got to meet all the Sketchys and we had a great time. I'm glad my brother is doing well, least the one I can keep tabs on. Mike is off hopping around Germany, his computer being eaten by German Unternet Demons, so he's offline for now.

Speaking of Sketchys, we had our big Freak Show the other night, our show co-sponsored with us and the Theatre Council. It was a great time and I'm especially proud of my Sketchys. As Improv Chair, I feel like Papa Duck sometimes, taking care of them and helping them prepare for the shows. So I was and still am extremely proud of them for their great job.

Aside from that, just crazy times around. Went to an audition workshop where a beautiful, honestly, brutal woman told me how to audition so I appreciated that. Saw Shakespeare Abridged, a hilarious show up at Siena, great job to all of them and especially my friend Matt. Also, saw Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3D; damn they still hold up after all these years.

This weekend holds for me meeting, reslife, homework, and doing a lot of writing. Let's hope I can do it well. Thanks for being here for me Internet, I appreciate it. Talk to you sooner then before. Later!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hello world of blogging, sorry I haven't been here as often as you or I would like. Been a bit busy, what with the whole, "I have no free time ever," thing.

I am currently home, sitting in the quiet lull of my living room, having just read, I would have to estimate, about 80 different comic books in the past day or two. And those are only the ones I absolutely had to read. I imagine when I come back for Thanksgiving Break, I may need to have a spare pair of eyeballs, these are almost ready to fall out. 

It's been absolutely awesome being home, away from the stress of school. At school it's a constant back and forth of, "I need to do this and this and this and this and this and . . ." you get my point. 

Here I've been able to relax, hang out with the dog, catch up with mom and dad, who are doing fine and dandy for all those concerned. Dad's still a wise-ass and Mom is still extremely great about helping me and reminding me of things I would always forget. 

Tomorrow I plan to go visit my old haunt, Albertus Magnus. I say haunt in that, I would choose to be there regardless, not just because it was my school. I plan on seeing friends, and teachers and avoiding some folks, and most likely causing a scene or two, or maybe even just a slight ruckus . . . we could always use more of those, yes? Yes, I will walk those halls of academia again, and try my old lockers, and get weird looks from the kids who don't know me, and quite possibly hit the fire bell, just to mess with folks. 

What else is new and exciting? 

- I have plotted out the ending of Fallen, and will proceed to finish the play as soon as possible. 
- Discovered that if you look long enough, most anything will go with hummus at 2 in the morning.
- My friends met Bo Burnham . . . very cool and very tall
- I keep coming up with intricate, edgy story ideas that will deal with the fourth wall of literature known as meta-drama, but my limited human intellect keeps me from plotting them out. 
- I missed my dog a lot, I'm glad she's here.
- Mike had a blast at Ocktoberfest . . . lucky duck.
- I have dedicated myself to re-reading the Wheel of Time series from the very beginning, and I know I will not finish it by the time, "The Gathering Storm," comes out in October, but hey, I'll keep it up. Amazing series. If you're looking to get into a series that will show you just how to write the epic fantasy, this may be it for you . . . or if you want something to do for 8 months, also something to do.
- Things with the girl go well; more on this as it develops.
- I read a lot of comics . . . my brain hurts.
- Had a dream where I was playing piano with Lucifer, who was generally amiable, and surprisingly forthcoming with advice on how to recover a soul from a devil's pact.
- Am now realizing I am rambling, because it is almost in 2AM.
-Will now sign off but not before . . . 

I do not think he will ever read this, and if I ever meet him, I'll direct him to this exact post where I say this.

Congratulations to Patrick Rothfuss and his wonderful lady Sarah for the birth of their first child, best wishes and happy days ahead. For those of you looking to get into a great fantasy book, read Patrick's, "Name of the Wind."

It's honestly the best new fantasy book I've read this year. 

Okay . . . I'm-a coming Bed!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Looking Back and Looking Ahead Pt. 2

. . .

Looking Ahead Portion, ACTIVATE!

Now, raise your hand if you remember me bringing up my new philosophy on women?

Yeah, yeah . . . okay, so a good portion of the class, alright. I never claimed to understand women, or anything of the like. But, I've tried it and it seems to be working, maybe. Haha, I'm not assuming anything or whatever, but things are looking up. I've met a girl and it seems like we've hit it off, with the customary, flirting, coy, non-flirty, flirting going on. And hell, I don't know what to expect or try. All I know is I'm going with the flow, and we'll see what happens. She's mad awesome by the way, just saying.

Also, in new new news, work on the play shall continue this weekend. Finished Act One last weekend which is always good. Starting Act Two tonight or tomorrow and hopefully getting a buttload of homework done.

So wish me luck World, in all matters women and writing.

I'm off to the races.


Looking Back and Looking Ahead Pt. 1

So, I'm sitting in the Quad Office with Mikela right now. For those of you who do not know who Mikela is, she happens to be our resident badass, secretary, ballbuster of State Quad. And she knows this, which means I have no trouble telling the world about her. But I digress, for to tell the world anymore of her secrets, is to put my own mere mortal life, in jeopardy.

I find today a day of reflection I s'pose. Autumn is nothing if change; change as we start school, change as we start friendships, change as we start new relationships and projects and lives. And the inevitable downswing of that change, as all things must end.

I read my friend Kim's blog, Hello, I'm Kmabs. It is fun, and exciting, and goddamn am I excited for her. She has so much excitement coming up; senior shenanigans, college applications, dances and homework and rumination in the simple quiet of the computer lab, thinking how much she's going to miss the joint. And honestly, color me jealous.

I miss those days; the quiet mornings, hanging with Mello and Wass and making a circle of things. Trading quips with Mower, talking with Ruppino bout everything and points of logic and insanity with Senor. Hiding Jesse in Piano cases, Caroline's heart-attack-inducing hugs, Kelsea's quirkiness, Jessica's GTs, adventures with Giuseppe, epic cries of freedom with Jensen and trying to understand Alli on a daily basis. Ha, damn.


I miss it. I really do. A depressing fact: Within 2 years, no student at that school will know who I am. Not that that's a horrible, terrible thing. But it completely contradicts my subconscious decision that I want to be remembered. But that's okay, I'm not worried. It's a natural fact that things must eventually fade away and that's okay. Okay . . .

But Kim and Maddie and Jen and Gerald and Laurielle and Bridget and Cody and Mairead and and Christine . . . whether it's first year of college or last year of high school, they are all in for the time of their lives. I wish them luck in all they do and I know they'll be fine, cause heck, look how I turned out. Gotta be something for hope right?

I realize this was a lot of looking back. Which is what I wanted to do, because I won't be able to get to AMHS anytime soon, so I need to be all nostalgic now. But I miss it and hope to come and visit soon.

Alright, Looking Back Portion, shutting down . . . .

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Am A Leaf On the Wind . . . Watch How I Soar

Oh me oh my . . . it has been quite the week ladies and gentlemen, oh me oh my . . .

Where to begin?

I guess just as they come . . .

So, let'see . . . big news first . . . the play I have been working on all summer, Fallen, has been accepted by the UAlbany Theatre Department and will be read as a staged reading on March 12, 13, and 14. It is amazing, that feeling that you've been chosen, given that opportunity to share your work with others; it will never become a trite thing in my mind. Fallen, dealing with the fall of Lucifer and the creation of Hell, had auditions on thursday and friday night, with callbacks this morning. I gotta tell ya, there is a helluva lotta talent here at Albany, and it humbles me to have them as my friends. So many people came out and auditioned for my show and whether or not you got a part, thank you. Sincerely, thank you; you've no idea how happy it makes me to see people coming out to be involved in theater and I'm thrilled you're going to be a part of Fallen. Yes, all of you =]

But yes, cast list is almost complete, only Lucifer needs casting, but that'll be taken care of. I can't wait to work on this show with my friends and my professors. Time to watch and learn. Also in acting news, went to a casting call for an extra spot in a new Will Ferrell movie, filming up here in Albany. I hope I was chosen, if not, no worries. But damn, that would be a cool experience. I went with some great buds and it was awesome. I still feel bad for the woman in front of us, having to put up with Matt and I singing "I Will Survive." 

Other writing news, I finally finally FINALLY after three years of bullshit, sent out a copy of one of my short stories to a publisher. Now, we play the waiting game. Send on the rejection letters haha! (Just kidding, but every author will tell you, they got a stack of em before they found a publisher)

Sketchys news: Had our first general interest meeting for new members to come out and check us out. HO-LY CRAP! We had over fifty people there. And then over half of em stuck around for improv! What?! I nearly had a heart attack. I can only imagine how Mizz woulda handled it. I guess that's the motto: What Would Mizz Do?*

*Mizz is former improv chair and man of the year; he is an awesome human*

Also, got into the Presidential Honors Society, so that's very nice. Hope they give me some more options for scholarships, cause you know . . . that would be awesome ha! 

Psh . . . hmmmm . . . anything else? Ah yes.

This is my Top Five. Matt and I made it. These are the top five concerns for the semester.

1: Classes
2: Reslife
3: Finish writing the play (yes I have not finished yet.)
4: Theater Council
5: Improv Chair for Sketchys

I mean girls aren't even in the top five! Great . . . just kidding, but all joking aside, I think it's time to take a step back and relax on the girl front. I've been like a hyperactive labradoodle for two years in trying to get a girlfriend. And honestly, I'm so busy, I got no time to really seek out a girlfriend . . . 

(Listen to me. "Seek" a girlfriend . . . "Go yonder! Seek her beyond the Forests of Night and across the Mass of Quakes. There she lies by the Dragon's Keep!" . . . god my life is a fantasy novel . . .)

But yeah, time to relax, it's like Jesse said, "You know Marty, sometimes they gotta seek you out too!"

That's why I love her, she's a good sister.

Alright, I think that is mostly everything. So, I'm off for now. Time to keep writing Fallen. Tonight, finish Act 1 and start Act 2! 

We are off!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back Home

That's what I like about you Internet. No matter how busy I am, or how crazy things get, you're always around to listen to my rants. 

I mean, until the great uprising of machine men. Then I'll be around to listen to you rant!

But things are going well. Thank you for being patience fans, compatriots and minions. Life here in the great land of Albany has been . . . nice. Surprisingly, weather has been nice and cool, a little sunny here and there, with nary a cloud to dot the horizon. Soon, the leaves will burn to a bright orange and passionate red, but for now they display their green proudly, a color rarely seen during the school year. And then later on, that autumnal pattern will fade and wash to cool grey and blue of winter, but that is something for later on. 

Classes are going well. Science Fiction is a blast, right up my alley. Though I worry that sooner or later there's going to be a Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings argument and then we'll have a civil war in class and there's going to be ents and lightsabers and rings and things flying this way and that and I'll have to choose a side. Ah well. 

Voice class is strange but fun, as we study relaxation techniques, and things. Have hardly used our voices yet haha. Play analysis and Intro to Writing are good, pretty basic as it sits right now, but not bad. Theater Design is fun, but she wants us to make an inspirational journal, of art that inspires us. She does know, mine is going to be filled with comic art, right?

Let's see . . . what else is new . . .

Oh, I was awarded the Improv Chair position in the Sketchy Characters, so that's good. I was the only guy running for it. I had tough competition, equal in skill and handsome looks, but the better man won, I think. Also, had the first meeting of Theater Council; lots of folks showed up, which was awesome and we did some improv afterwards, which rocked. Now the problem is getting them to keep showing up haha.

And aside from that, well want to give a quick shout out to Brendan, his first home game is tonight, so I wish him well in that, kick some tail bro-ha! A shout-out to Mike, who I hear is doing stupendiforously in the Fatherland aka Germany. Keep it up Bro! And a shout-out to Bema, who I heard is not feeling so hot, so I wish her a speedy recovery and much love! :D

Alright, working all weekend. Please State Quad, don't be stupid tonight while I'm on duty. Ha, later!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Patience, my minions . . .

Hullo there Internet Minions.

Just wanted to applaud your patience and to hold steady. Wipe the saliva off your chins and awaken your glazed over eyes. Soon, a post comes.

But not tonight. Because I am weary.

But maybe tomorrow . . .

Be good, we'll see.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Astronauts and Airplanes

And now begin the busy times . . . classes have started and they are everything I'd hoped for them to be. Science Fiction is awesome, and I have some great friends in it. Voice is a bit odd but that's what I like about it, plus I also have some very cool people in it.

Also in good news: one of my professors is currently reading my play I've been working on, since he asked if I wanted to submit it and then asked if he could read it. What could I say, no? Ha, so that's exciting and nerve-wracking; and if it turns out he likes it, and he needs it, "Fallen," may very well come to stage sooner then expected. So, fingers crossed. 

But onto serious matters for a moment. Couple nights back, I had an odd dream. 

I was supposed to go to the moon, and I was in the ship, floating, freaking out, desperately trying to find footing, find a way to bring myself back down; back down towards friends, family and normalcy. 

I assume it was my subconscious' way of dealing with my brother going to Germany. Because I'm scared for him, a bit. I hope he'll be okay, I think he will be, he's not an idiot. In between those ears is a good brain; I just hope he'll remember to use it when he comes upon the moments he'll need to actually use it. But he'll be okay. It's an adventure and excitement, and Germany should be a blast. He'll find footing, eventually, and turn himself right side up and enjoy the view. And the women . . . and the booze . . . and the -- alright I'll stop haha. 

(Just kidding about the booze and the women, but I have warned him not to accept booze from strange women . . . again, I know, brain moment.)

So good luck to my brother. I know he'll be fine and come back brimming with stories and confidence. Much love to him, and I'll see him in a little while. 

Alright Internet, back to work!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Moving on . . . In!

Hey Internet, sorry I'm late. Been quite a hectic week I'll tell you . . . oh, you want me to tell you? Okay then, glad you're so interested in my goings-ons!

On Tuesday, we moved in about 200 freshmen to the dorms. Then Wednesday we moved in about let's say 150 more. Then on Thursday we moved in about 400+ kids, and more will be staggering through the gates in the next few days.

Holy crap Batman . . . that's a lot of kids. But it goes with the territory of being part of reslife, I s'pose. I was put on greeting table for the new and excited/nervous/terrified/bored/angry freshmen. It was a fun time; granted they were all of very different attitudes bout the whole, "college thing." But I hope I calmed 'em down or made 'em a little more at home. 

Met my new suitemates and they're pretty awesome. Harrison is a badass, since he's got a goddamn pin in his finger joint, yet still walks around with a smile, ready to hang out and do other badass things, like alligator cage fights, and racing bikers in a gang . . . on foot! Jaime is pretty, as he would say, "chill." He's 6'5, (I imagine,) into the 60s, has what I would call wearable acid trips, aka brightly colored stuff, and an awesome head of hair, the kind you buy at Woodstock. He too is into badass things, but not quite as dangerous as Harrison. Though if I bet him to do an alligator cage fight, he'd probably find a way to talk me into doing it for him. Cause he's just that chill.

Monday starts classes. I am quite excited, as all I'm taking are english and theater classes, my 1-Up and Super Mushroom of the academic world, to make a Super Mario reference. This weekend will include seeing friends, sleeping, eating, writing, and seeing friends, and then on Monday, it shall begin!

Until then my dear Internet . . .

Monday, August 24, 2009

Party Time

Many of you may know, yesterday was the 1 week anniversary of this blog. I did not update; instead I hired a babysitter and the Blog and I went out for a night on the town.

It was pleasant, we went to a new greek place on central. Tried some weird lamb thing, I didn't like it, the Blog did though, so as long as someone liked it . . .

Saw Inglorious Basterds again. I told the Blog so much about it, it wanted to see it for itself. Liked it, not as much as me, but still enjoyed it.

Then came home, kids were happy. Even had a few minutes to catch up with the babysitter. Bacon Crisp is good with the kids.

Okay, food on Indian Quad, later!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wheel of Morality, Turn, Turn, Turn!

Hey my little minions of the internet, good to see you all again. Today my lesson is one of morality as well as some new bits of interest thrown your way. Those are first.

-Tried Green Tea Ice Cream: Prognosis: Not bad, had a very earthy quality to it, one could say slime, since that is part of the earth, but I'll opt for grains of dirt. Not much better, true, but it did possess a rough texture, and it was a little funky at first, but damn it was tasty.

- Don't Parallel Park By Lark Street: Especially when you see a giant fire-truck come barreling down the street and parking right in front of where you are, AS you parallel park. Yes, I know this requires hindsight or clairvoyance, but still, its a word to the wise.

- Inglorious Bastards, by the incorrigible Quintin Tarantino, is one of the best films of the summer, right up there with Star Trek (drool), and District 9 (tear). It has Brad Pitt as a nazi scalp-hunter, a 25 second bar fight that will leave you asthmatic, and a finale that was far better then the actual conclusion of the real world WWII. Good on you Quintin, keep it. And yes that was me just now butchering your name. Deal with it.

And that brings us to the lesson of the night. My brother works at a movie theater; I respect the government of a movie theater and appreciate when I can bypass that government through my brother's intervention. However, sneaking into a theater has never been an option in my opinion. Tonight, in the whirlwind of getting into Bastards, a guy I never met, but with us, handed me a ticket stub and said, "It's starting, GO!" I blankly walked ahead, not sure if I should be doing it, or if I could get away with it. Yet without missing a beat, I made for the theater like I'd been there all my life, met the man's eyes, and said a, "hey how's it going?" without batting an eye, as I showed him the ticket stub. He didn't stop me and I walked on into the theater, feeling as guilty as a nun at a carnival, (not that she should but who knows how many lewd and lascivious things lay in wait?)

Luckily God likes to stay consistent in the irony of my life; the show was oversold, not a seat in the house available. Thank God! Ha, I was deathly guilty over it all, and for the show we went to, I bought myself a ticket, even though this guy tried doing the same schtick. Not for me; I'm all for a bit of mischief, but I like to keep it kosher, not provide a chance for myself to get in trouble.

And the worst part, is that it was easy. If that show hadn't been oversold, I would have been in and in for good. Management would never have known of the ten dollars they'd missed out on, not a lot yes, but damnit it's the principle of the thing.

So lesson of the night to all you ne'er-do-wells. Just because a thing is easy to do, and get away with, it doesn't make it the right thing to do. Alright, now. Bed.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Asterios Polyp


I say again, wow.

I just finished reading Asterios Polyp, a new graphic novel by master artist and writer, David Mazzuchelli. I had no idea what it was about going in, nor did I wish to. All I'd heard, was that it was amazing and was not to be missed.

They were right.

As story goes, it is a beautiful piece about a man who spends the first half of his life, living as himself, for himself. Regardless of where he is, who is talking to or about, Asterios Polyp, esteemed architect and man about town, is the toast of the scene and the lover of the spotlight, even if he doesn't mean to be there. And while he experiences love with the beautiful Hana, it dissolves, as he overshadows her and she eventually, cannot take it. By the end, he has gone on a journey, the like of which philosophers DREAM they could go on. And his ending is sudden, and poetic and funny, and obviously foreshadowed, but he is content and has learned his lesson: You cannot live only for yourself and still be a happy man.

Story aside, I envy Mr. Mazzuchelli's ease with art and line and form, and ugh! It's amazing, amazing, amazing, artwork, as both letters and art share the narrative and it flows so well together and oh man . . . it's amazing . . .

I can't praise this book enough. Even now, I have a feeling of ease about me. A feeling that I am satisfied by what has occurred in this book, yet I have absolutely no problem, going back and going on that journey all over again. Because though Asterios may be overconfident and snarky, and a bit of an ass at first . . . well, he learns, and so did I.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bad News Bears

Today was parts many things: it was part training, part bad news bears, part utter joy, part stinging regret, and many wild, insane and crazy stories and ideas, as it should be always.

Today's Bad News Bears was learning that the girl I was looking forward to dating this fall, has in fact, found another guy. No wait. Found isn't the right word. Found implies she was already looking, I think. Instead she stumbled into him; because no one ever plans on stumbling. 

I'm not mad at her. I will admit, at first I was, for a few moments. But common sense came a knocking, and I just couldn't be. She didn't plan on this happening, who does? It happened, and well, he was there, and I was not. No other way to look at it. And I look at it this way: she had the common courtesy, the decency of a respectable, lovely lady, to tell me. She let me know herself and I appreciate that a helluva lot. Do I wish I could have dated her? Of course. And I'm sad that I still will not be able to, at least not at this present time. But at least I still have a friend who loves me as that, and sometimes that's enough.

Good News Gophers today was seeing my friend Matt Leonard, who is an amazing, amazing friend. Some say we have a bromance going on. I am one of those who say that. We're awesome friends, and we click on so many levels he's like an older brother to me sometimes, (not discounting my official older brother, who I love a bunch haha). It was good seeing him today, since it had been so long since we'd had a brainstorm. We traded stories and songs, and ideas and life lessons for 4 hours. And we could've kept going, how cool is that? I have only a bushel full of friends I can do that with. I'm thankful for all of them, all my friends, and my friends Matt and Jesse especially recently. They keep me smiling and on my toes and my brain thinking.

Alright Internet, time for bed. Brush your teeth please, Manuscript told me you almost knocked him out the other day. G'night.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1 AM

I want to take a time out kiddies, and have a pow-wow about something I find very, very f*cking important, (sorry I know I shouldn't swear with the kids in the room, but hell they're going to hear it some day anyway, right?). Regardless . . .

Last night was a night I was prepared for, but had hoped never to come. But like all things that happen in our lives, it came, whether I had willed it or no; and this is a thing I had would never in a thousand, thousand times of the world's revolutions wish on anyone. 

My friend called me, sobbing, trying to talk to me through her sadness, and before she even spoke I knew what happened. I knew after she told me. And I stood there and listened as she cried, and it's a moment that defines heartbreak. Because when your friends hurt, you hurt. When your friends cry and anger and worry, you do as well. Friendship is a bond stronger then steel and something woven tighter then DNA. But you know what's stronger, in most cases? Love. Not love of a friend, but somewhere alone the line, love, true honest to goodness love, is somewhere higher on the food chain. And this night, that line was cut for my friend. She whom she loved had decided that the love she gave back to my friend was no longer pure or true or some kind of bullshit as most excuses go. 

Now, I don't have a manual on how to handle break-ups, quite the opposite in fact. Because there is no manual telling you how to explain to someone that you no longer love them; it's abnormal how we go from person to person and try and love them, for so temporary a time. Ugh.

I digress. There is no manual. But there is a rule book. Number One Rule: Do not initiate said break-up on the f*cking computer!

I don't care if you don't want to hear that person, or if you want to save goddamn minutes, you freaking call! Because even if the love isn't there, show her some goddamn respect! She deserves at least much . . . Number Two Rule: Don't say you still love them. There are extenuating circumstances on this one, but please spare the break-upee some pain and do not bring love into the equation. It's bad enough that it's happening but to hear it's still happening with love still there?! Not fair, nor cool.

My friend is an amazing, amazing young woman. She, ha . . . funny how the english major can't find the right words here . . . 

She smiles whenever she wants to. She has a penchant for random conversation, and odd comments and a musical mind I find genius. She is, I love her to death. We're pretty much brother and sister, just ask the State of New York. She means so much to me. For me to hear her heartbroken, and not being there to hold her and be there for her was the worst feeling. God knows I'll feel worse before I die, but as life has gone, that's up there. 

But you know what, person-who-broke-my-best-friends-heart? She's stronger then this, she's going to come out of this smelling of roses and confidence. She's going to take this and rise above, because as much as it hurts now, it will hurt worse if nothing is changed, and strength is not found. And I know you, PWBMBFH, we've hung out. I'll just say, you did not know what you had. You didn't know it and now it's too late. 

I realize this has been a long post, sorry internet I'l be better next time. I just needed to cleanse this out of my system. My final thought is this: Relationships are parts love and respect; if a break-up is to happen, both are not to vanish. Thank you.

Much love to Woof, from your buddy Honk

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Stew

Hello those who read this, and those who don't, I bed thee welcome.

Been a busy past couple of days; let's see if this old brain can remember some of it. Got up here to Albany on sunday, and honestly, it feels great to be back. I thought it would be that weird, odd, "oh I'm here again?" kind of feeling, but felt like coming home again. Got my stuff packed up and into my room, which is also a lot bigger and grander then last years, though there is this odd amount of dirt and sand gathering along my windowsill . . . strange, must be from the construction . . . or those beach parties . . . ah well, never mind, moving on.

Training for residential life has been going very well, though I could do without the looooooong days, but well, it's necessary. I heard a metaphor that we're so closely bonded with one another, because this is like a military institutions; crappy conditions pull people together I guess. But everyone is really awesome, especially my supervisor Brandon, who has done every job from here to the end of the earth and if he hasn't wrangled dinosaurs yet, it's only because he hasn't been giving the opportunity. Joe is also becoming increasingly awesome, since it seems we're the same person, from parallel worlds; english majors who do theater and improv and jones for shakespeare unite!

But things have been going well, hopefully going to have some free time tonight to work on some writing, or get some reading done. By the way, a note; when I do post writing up here, the format shall be thus: I will post a tidbit of some writing I've done, but not all since people like to steal shit on the internet, (no not you guys, those guys behind you!) Ha kidding of course, but it is entirely possible. So I'll post a bit, and if you want to read more, I'll provide an email you can send to me and ask to read and I'll be all like, SURE!

Anywho, it's been nice talking Internet, but I'm off to the world of thoughts and ideas and most likely sleep, cause damn I'm tired. A quote for tonight, on life. This is provided by my boss, who after eating UA Ice cream said, that much like life, "It's f*cking delicious!"

Monday, August 17, 2009

Quick like Molasses

Hey gang,

Quick blog tonight, for my body is most tired. Good day at Albany and tomorrow or perhaps the day after, I will tell that story, but for tonight I'll simply say:

You know you are with the best of friends and having a great time, when it takes an hour for you to get your ass out the door, after saying goodbye three times. 

That is all. Sleep well my minions.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birth Of A Blog! (oh man . . . placental fluid EVERYWHERE!)

Despite the gross addendum to the title, I hope you find it at least a tad humorous. If not, well, nothing I can do about it. 

Huh . . . funny . . . blogs are supposed to be a center for creativity and new ideas, a place where the every day life is observed and recorded, and maybe something useful can come out of it. A place where the jaded cynic has his internet soapbox to stand on and proclaim what he cares about and screw you if you don't want to listen, I'll just shout louder! BLOGS ARE SUPPOSED TO CHANGE THE WORLD!

If so, then how come I can't do anything if you don't laugh at my joke title? Irony you cruel b*tch!

Anywho, angry, forced ranting aside, this is my blog. 

Welcome. Please take a seat on the rug. We may have a couple of fold out chairs in the basement, but please -- you know what? No, sit on the rug. Some people don't have butts, enjoy what you have; now sit. 

I'm glad you've found a nice spot on my art-deco rug that may have a story or two behind it, but now it has stories on top of it. That's right, you are all stories. In your blood runs tales and songs and whispers of things that may mean love or hate or joy, but everyone hears something different. I'm a story too; I'm a story that tells stories. And this blog, I suppose has found it's purpose. 

Some days I will tell you my story. Someday it may be a friends, or an enemies story. And someday it may be one of my stories; who knows what you'll get?

Just sit back, relax, take one of the apple juice cartons we're passing around and let me open my book of tales, and see what we have for today . . . Ah yes . . .

This is a good one . . .