Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hello world of blogging, sorry I haven't been here as often as you or I would like. Been a bit busy, what with the whole, "I have no free time ever," thing.

I am currently home, sitting in the quiet lull of my living room, having just read, I would have to estimate, about 80 different comic books in the past day or two. And those are only the ones I absolutely had to read. I imagine when I come back for Thanksgiving Break, I may need to have a spare pair of eyeballs, these are almost ready to fall out. 

It's been absolutely awesome being home, away from the stress of school. At school it's a constant back and forth of, "I need to do this and this and this and this and this and . . ." you get my point. 

Here I've been able to relax, hang out with the dog, catch up with mom and dad, who are doing fine and dandy for all those concerned. Dad's still a wise-ass and Mom is still extremely great about helping me and reminding me of things I would always forget. 

Tomorrow I plan to go visit my old haunt, Albertus Magnus. I say haunt in that, I would choose to be there regardless, not just because it was my school. I plan on seeing friends, and teachers and avoiding some folks, and most likely causing a scene or two, or maybe even just a slight ruckus . . . we could always use more of those, yes? Yes, I will walk those halls of academia again, and try my old lockers, and get weird looks from the kids who don't know me, and quite possibly hit the fire bell, just to mess with folks. 

What else is new and exciting? 

- I have plotted out the ending of Fallen, and will proceed to finish the play as soon as possible. 
- Discovered that if you look long enough, most anything will go with hummus at 2 in the morning.
- My friends met Bo Burnham . . . very cool and very tall
- I keep coming up with intricate, edgy story ideas that will deal with the fourth wall of literature known as meta-drama, but my limited human intellect keeps me from plotting them out. 
- I missed my dog a lot, I'm glad she's here.
- Mike had a blast at Ocktoberfest . . . lucky duck.
- I have dedicated myself to re-reading the Wheel of Time series from the very beginning, and I know I will not finish it by the time, "The Gathering Storm," comes out in October, but hey, I'll keep it up. Amazing series. If you're looking to get into a series that will show you just how to write the epic fantasy, this may be it for you . . . or if you want something to do for 8 months, also something to do.
- Things with the girl go well; more on this as it develops.
- I read a lot of comics . . . my brain hurts.
- Had a dream where I was playing piano with Lucifer, who was generally amiable, and surprisingly forthcoming with advice on how to recover a soul from a devil's pact.
- Am now realizing I am rambling, because it is almost in 2AM.
-Will now sign off but not before . . . 

I do not think he will ever read this, and if I ever meet him, I'll direct him to this exact post where I say this.

Congratulations to Patrick Rothfuss and his wonderful lady Sarah for the birth of their first child, best wishes and happy days ahead. For those of you looking to get into a great fantasy book, read Patrick's, "Name of the Wind."

It's honestly the best new fantasy book I've read this year. 

Okay . . . I'm-a coming Bed!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Looking Back and Looking Ahead Pt. 2

. . .

Looking Ahead Portion, ACTIVATE!

Now, raise your hand if you remember me bringing up my new philosophy on women?

Yeah, yeah . . . okay, so a good portion of the class, alright. I never claimed to understand women, or anything of the like. But, I've tried it and it seems to be working, maybe. Haha, I'm not assuming anything or whatever, but things are looking up. I've met a girl and it seems like we've hit it off, with the customary, flirting, coy, non-flirty, flirting going on. And hell, I don't know what to expect or try. All I know is I'm going with the flow, and we'll see what happens. She's mad awesome by the way, just saying.

Also, in new new news, work on the play shall continue this weekend. Finished Act One last weekend which is always good. Starting Act Two tonight or tomorrow and hopefully getting a buttload of homework done.

So wish me luck World, in all matters women and writing.

I'm off to the races.


Looking Back and Looking Ahead Pt. 1

So, I'm sitting in the Quad Office with Mikela right now. For those of you who do not know who Mikela is, she happens to be our resident badass, secretary, ballbuster of State Quad. And she knows this, which means I have no trouble telling the world about her. But I digress, for to tell the world anymore of her secrets, is to put my own mere mortal life, in jeopardy.

I find today a day of reflection I s'pose. Autumn is nothing if change; change as we start school, change as we start friendships, change as we start new relationships and projects and lives. And the inevitable downswing of that change, as all things must end.

I read my friend Kim's blog, Hello, I'm Kmabs. It is fun, and exciting, and goddamn am I excited for her. She has so much excitement coming up; senior shenanigans, college applications, dances and homework and rumination in the simple quiet of the computer lab, thinking how much she's going to miss the joint. And honestly, color me jealous.

I miss those days; the quiet mornings, hanging with Mello and Wass and making a circle of things. Trading quips with Mower, talking with Ruppino bout everything and points of logic and insanity with Senor. Hiding Jesse in Piano cases, Caroline's heart-attack-inducing hugs, Kelsea's quirkiness, Jessica's GTs, adventures with Giuseppe, epic cries of freedom with Jensen and trying to understand Alli on a daily basis. Ha, damn.


I miss it. I really do. A depressing fact: Within 2 years, no student at that school will know who I am. Not that that's a horrible, terrible thing. But it completely contradicts my subconscious decision that I want to be remembered. But that's okay, I'm not worried. It's a natural fact that things must eventually fade away and that's okay. Okay . . .

But Kim and Maddie and Jen and Gerald and Laurielle and Bridget and Cody and Mairead and and Christine . . . whether it's first year of college or last year of high school, they are all in for the time of their lives. I wish them luck in all they do and I know they'll be fine, cause heck, look how I turned out. Gotta be something for hope right?

I realize this was a lot of looking back. Which is what I wanted to do, because I won't be able to get to AMHS anytime soon, so I need to be all nostalgic now. But I miss it and hope to come and visit soon.

Alright, Looking Back Portion, shutting down . . . .

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Am A Leaf On the Wind . . . Watch How I Soar

Oh me oh my . . . it has been quite the week ladies and gentlemen, oh me oh my . . .

Where to begin?

I guess just as they come . . .

So, let'see . . . big news first . . . the play I have been working on all summer, Fallen, has been accepted by the UAlbany Theatre Department and will be read as a staged reading on March 12, 13, and 14. It is amazing, that feeling that you've been chosen, given that opportunity to share your work with others; it will never become a trite thing in my mind. Fallen, dealing with the fall of Lucifer and the creation of Hell, had auditions on thursday and friday night, with callbacks this morning. I gotta tell ya, there is a helluva lotta talent here at Albany, and it humbles me to have them as my friends. So many people came out and auditioned for my show and whether or not you got a part, thank you. Sincerely, thank you; you've no idea how happy it makes me to see people coming out to be involved in theater and I'm thrilled you're going to be a part of Fallen. Yes, all of you =]

But yes, cast list is almost complete, only Lucifer needs casting, but that'll be taken care of. I can't wait to work on this show with my friends and my professors. Time to watch and learn. Also in acting news, went to a casting call for an extra spot in a new Will Ferrell movie, filming up here in Albany. I hope I was chosen, if not, no worries. But damn, that would be a cool experience. I went with some great buds and it was awesome. I still feel bad for the woman in front of us, having to put up with Matt and I singing "I Will Survive." 

Other writing news, I finally finally FINALLY after three years of bullshit, sent out a copy of one of my short stories to a publisher. Now, we play the waiting game. Send on the rejection letters haha! (Just kidding, but every author will tell you, they got a stack of em before they found a publisher)

Sketchys news: Had our first general interest meeting for new members to come out and check us out. HO-LY CRAP! We had over fifty people there. And then over half of em stuck around for improv! What?! I nearly had a heart attack. I can only imagine how Mizz woulda handled it. I guess that's the motto: What Would Mizz Do?*

*Mizz is former improv chair and man of the year; he is an awesome human*

Also, got into the Presidential Honors Society, so that's very nice. Hope they give me some more options for scholarships, cause you know . . . that would be awesome ha! 

Psh . . . hmmmm . . . anything else? Ah yes.

This is my Top Five. Matt and I made it. These are the top five concerns for the semester.

1: Classes
2: Reslife
3: Finish writing the play (yes I have not finished yet.)
4: Theater Council
5: Improv Chair for Sketchys

I mean girls aren't even in the top five! Great . . . just kidding, but all joking aside, I think it's time to take a step back and relax on the girl front. I've been like a hyperactive labradoodle for two years in trying to get a girlfriend. And honestly, I'm so busy, I got no time to really seek out a girlfriend . . . 

(Listen to me. "Seek" a girlfriend . . . "Go yonder! Seek her beyond the Forests of Night and across the Mass of Quakes. There she lies by the Dragon's Keep!" . . . god my life is a fantasy novel . . .)

But yeah, time to relax, it's like Jesse said, "You know Marty, sometimes they gotta seek you out too!"

That's why I love her, she's a good sister.

Alright, I think that is mostly everything. So, I'm off for now. Time to keep writing Fallen. Tonight, finish Act 1 and start Act 2! 

We are off!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back Home

That's what I like about you Internet. No matter how busy I am, or how crazy things get, you're always around to listen to my rants. 

I mean, until the great uprising of machine men. Then I'll be around to listen to you rant!

But things are going well. Thank you for being patience fans, compatriots and minions. Life here in the great land of Albany has been . . . nice. Surprisingly, weather has been nice and cool, a little sunny here and there, with nary a cloud to dot the horizon. Soon, the leaves will burn to a bright orange and passionate red, but for now they display their green proudly, a color rarely seen during the school year. And then later on, that autumnal pattern will fade and wash to cool grey and blue of winter, but that is something for later on. 

Classes are going well. Science Fiction is a blast, right up my alley. Though I worry that sooner or later there's going to be a Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings argument and then we'll have a civil war in class and there's going to be ents and lightsabers and rings and things flying this way and that and I'll have to choose a side. Ah well. 

Voice class is strange but fun, as we study relaxation techniques, and things. Have hardly used our voices yet haha. Play analysis and Intro to Writing are good, pretty basic as it sits right now, but not bad. Theater Design is fun, but she wants us to make an inspirational journal, of art that inspires us. She does know, mine is going to be filled with comic art, right?

Let's see . . . what else is new . . .

Oh, I was awarded the Improv Chair position in the Sketchy Characters, so that's good. I was the only guy running for it. I had tough competition, equal in skill and handsome looks, but the better man won, I think. Also, had the first meeting of Theater Council; lots of folks showed up, which was awesome and we did some improv afterwards, which rocked. Now the problem is getting them to keep showing up haha.

And aside from that, well want to give a quick shout out to Brendan, his first home game is tonight, so I wish him well in that, kick some tail bro-ha! A shout-out to Mike, who I hear is doing stupendiforously in the Fatherland aka Germany. Keep it up Bro! And a shout-out to Bema, who I heard is not feeling so hot, so I wish her a speedy recovery and much love! :D

Alright, working all weekend. Please State Quad, don't be stupid tonight while I'm on duty. Ha, later!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Patience, my minions . . .

Hullo there Internet Minions.

Just wanted to applaud your patience and to hold steady. Wipe the saliva off your chins and awaken your glazed over eyes. Soon, a post comes.

But not tonight. Because I am weary.

But maybe tomorrow . . .

Be good, we'll see.