Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ever Notice How The End Of The Road Looks A Lot Like The Beginning?

Because here we seem to be again. New semester, new classes, new schedules, new frustrations, and hopefully new friends. It all seems new and exciting and wondrous, partially because it and partially because it is not.

We've reached a nice cyclical point in our lives, so endings look like beginnings. I dread the point in my life when beginnings look a lot like endings.

But all is well, to be honest. I finished the latest draft of Fallen. This looks to be about the final draft actually. I can't imagine too much revision, aside from getting the page count down. As it stands, acts one and two are about the same length, but i think i need to still cut down act two. A well, I'll find out Thursday at the last reading.

Classes are good, and it is indeed nice to be back. Wednesdays are going to be brutal, but I can handle it. I'm taking a philosophy class which I'm warming up to, and exploration seems good; any guy who makes liberal use of star wars music, futurama and simpsons in the first class slideshow is a-ok in my book.

I am again a Pac Rat this semester. Playwriting with James which is great, audition techniques with Yvonne who is amazing and Acting 2 with Eileen who is a blast.

Take all of that, toss in a play I'm writing, Sketchys Characters, Residential Life, Theatre Council and trying to achieve plenty of sleep and it's going to be a good semester.

It's good to be back.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Adios Winter Break

Well ladies and gents, it's time again to pack the suitcase and head back to school. Shove all the clothes I own and like into two bags, about a pound of medicinal pills and whatnot, and a good fifty or more books.

Because yes, I have two boxes of books. One is a book box, one is a comic book box, both contain random dvds and the like.

It's getting kind of ridiculous. Ah well . . . such is the life I lead.

But it's been a great break. It has been surprisingly productive, especially since it's me we're talking about here. But it has been. Let's see . . .

-Edited 3 stories and they are currently on their way to publishers :: fingers crossed ::
-Started the third draft of Fallen, first act is done, second on the way
-Started a few new short stories
-Editing a couple of more stories
-Thoughts on new projects and novels
-Creating/editing new magic systems
-And very proud of this, I wrote a new One Act Play called Heroics which I'm pretty happy with, just need to edit it up, and par it down!
-Also, wrote a poem

And that's just writing productivity! I got a couple days of work in, finished Super Mario Bros. Wii (amazing!) and Batman: Arkham Asylum (Awesome!), saw tons of friends, had adventures, some fudged up dreams, had some good bro-chill time, and just had a great time with my family.

God, it's weird all this back and forth. Just reminds me of the huge change I felt when I first started the process. And if you know me, you know I hate change. I deal with it, but for example, I've ordered the same thing at Panera for the past three years, and I can't even change my wallet. (Don't tell my Mom, she'll be pissed).

But it's something I've gotten used to. Strange as it is, it's still nice to be heading back to school. The break is just long enough to enjoy home, and I did, I enjoyed it to its fullest. But now it's time to head back. Back to classes, reslife, theatre, my sketchys, TC, and the general insanity of my life.

I can't wait!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Because I just finished Batman: Arkham Asylum today! Yes, I know how late to the party I am . . . the cupcakes are all gone . . . But yeah, great, intense, amazing game. Go pick it up.

Plastic explosive punch for the win.

Longer blog coming soon Internet, just wanted to let you know I am alive. And --

-Started Fallen Final Draft, it's coming together
-Two stories fully edited and going to be sent out.
-Started new short story, and new magic systems are on the way in me noggin
-Please go sign up for the Worldbuilders Fundraiser on

Books and helping people unite!


Me Tired.

Night, night.

Night. I.

I am the night.

Fear me . . .

Okay I'm going to bed.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010, Welcome

Oh. Hey there. Yeah, hey, welcome --

New guy, right? Yeah, 2010, right, right. Good name.

Oh that? Yeah, that's the Universe. Sounds like a big responsibility, yeah, but don't worry about it. You do your thing, they'll do their thing.

What are they like? Ha, good one . . .

Seriously? Well, I can tell you what I can.

Most are good, honest, generous, hardworking, kind people with laughter in their hearts. Some are not. Some will lie and cheat and steal, and hold all virtues and values at ransom for their benefit. This is a universal truth.

But I can promise you this.

Most will try their very best, to be their best, in all they do.

Most will not succeed, not all the time.

But the important thing is they'll try. And they expect the same of you.

Give them happiness after tragedy. Allow them respite after trial. Give them song after suffering and joy after sadness. Give them sunshine after rain and a full moon on a dark night. And we don't expect you to be perfect 2010, no year is. But when there must be clouds, grace them with a silver lining.

The important thing is that as hard as they try, you must do the same.

No worries 2010, I'm sure you'll do just fine.


Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful new year's eve and has started off their new year right. I know I did.