Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Personal Goals

I need new personal goals. Here they are.

-Get in shape
-Drop 15-30 pounds over the summer and beyond.
-Get more writing done
-Stop searching for a lady friend and whatnot

The End

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring In My Step

Well, it's currently 1:30 in the AM.

But I am home, surrounded by comics, dvds, books, magazines, cards, and sleeping family. So that means all is well as far as I am concerned.

I keep forgetting how long it's been since I've had a break from school, like a legitimate break, not just a, "come home for the weekend," thing. So that's nine weeks . . . yeah I know, right?!

It's so amazing to be home, with family, and even Brendan is here. Mike's back off in Germany, guy never even called to say goodbye . . . jerk. It's okay, I hold no malice, I shall instead sabotage and booby-trap his room for when he returns. I am most eager to try out my newest creation, which I call, the "Scorpion Cannon of Most Immeasurable Pain."

I got it off a Snapple cap.

But Spring Break (yay), is here and with it, relaxation. This week will still be busy though. Dad is winging off to London tomorrow, I'm visiting Albertus on Tuesday I think, and then Giuseppe and I are filming/playing tennis/five guysing it Wednesday. Also Blackest Night 8 is out then. My heart sings.

I'm also supposed to go see the AMHS drama tomorrow. I don't quite know how I feel about it. I hear good things, bad things, and excruciatingly terrible things as well. Yet, I have a certain loyalty to my friends and the school. So let us see how things go, review up soon then I guess.

Hmmmm . . . other news . . . hmmm . . . nothing right off the bat. I suppose then, I'll sign off for now, go get some sleep, which in my country, means go and read til the wee hours of the morning.


But here is some good news.

My latest one act, Heroics, is now going to be produced and directed by a theatre company downtown in Albany as part of their Short Play Festival. Kick. Ass.

I'll be signing autographs outside after the blogging. (just kidding)

Gnight! (not kidding)

PS: Happy Spring. Enjoy the weather before it becomes sweltering hot.

Friday, March 19, 2010

And The Curtains Come Down

It's been a crazy three weeks world.

And I'm sorry I haven't kept you in the loop. My past three weeks have been this:

Rehearsals. Plays. Shows. Laughter. Sketchys. Death. Romance. Slight dejection. Writing. Acting. Sleeping. Reading. Brothers. Family. Relay For Life. Cowboy Hats. Bro-Chill Time.

So there ya go.

My show was last weekend, had most of my family come down, even some folks from Massachusetts which was really nice. The show went great. My actors were on, the director made some really great choices, and the drum added an epic sense of power that was definitely a great choice.

A little sad it's over. But, life goes on, and if you're paying attention to the present, you'll just end up in the past.

So the writing goes on. I've been writing every day this week and of the week, and so far, doing well. Also, been hitting the gym as well, every day, half an hour, just to get myself warmed up to it again. Let's do this thing.

And yeah . . . tomorrow is Relay For Life, all day event, fighting cancer cause cancer sucks, and we need to kick its ass. True Story.

More on my life as it occurs, my friends. Good night and day and night.