Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Time Is Made of Bonfires and Starlight


Back to business.

I'm sorry Internet. I've been lacking in the blogging department.

But all is well. Summer is flying, faster then most magic carpets, and only a little slower then most fighter jets. I've been well, doing the five big things of my summer.

1: Writing
2: Reading
3: Acting
4: Working
5: Working (Out)

Most days involve hitting the gym, reading, getting some plotting on THC done, and hanging with friends when I'm not at Brookstone.

I'm also acting in a Shakespeare show at RCC this summer, this weekend actually. More on that at a later blog.

But yes, all is well. Tuesday begins camp season. I shall be taking care of fifth graders this summer, but that's cool. It should be a good time, and I'm paired with my friend Kasey to boot. So, that's good.

Anywho, I'm going to go sleep, and enjoy my last day of freedom.

Gnight internet, see ya soon.

Albany Countdown: 41 Days

Bone to Pick

Alright, look Internet.

I know this is late, and I will update you on my personal life in just a little bit.

But first, I got a bone to pick . . . WITH HUMANITY.

That's right humanity! I got my eye on you! Want to know why?

Here's an example: Let's say, I'm invited over to a friend's friends home, for some sort of estranged barbecue. Fair enough, don't know them well enough, but I'm more then welcome to come and enjoy myself. I walk in the door, they hand me a drink, ask how I'm doing, and help as best they can. They are immaculate hosts.

Then, I walk all over their couch, look at their dvds, throw some around, put them back in the wrong order, track mud on their rug, rummage throw their clothes, technology, food, piss on the toilet seat, not wash my hands, sit in every comfy chair, sleep in their beds, and just make a general ruckus of the home I've so cordially been invited into.

Would you do this in a stranger's home?


Then don't do it in my goddamn store.

I've worked three straight days at my retail store, and people are inconsiderate brutes, who use, soil, and take up all they can when they come into my store. They turn on gadgets, dishevel the shelves, knock over product, ignore signs and symbols, and are a constant mass of inconsiderate folks. Not all mind you, but enough that I went on this rant.

We are there to help you yes, NOT baby you and your vapid misuse of our product. I don't mind you using something, even if you are not going to buy it. But by all that is holy, clean up after yourself.

If I wanted to be paid to babysit, I would do that instead.

Sometimes retail makes me lose faith in humanity. Oftentimes, it does not. But I left work this weekend, even after selling a lot, and selling a big ticket even, cynical and tired. And I don't like that feeling.

So c'mon humanity . . . step your game up.

Alright, rant: ended.