Friday, December 31, 2010

2011: A Year of Change

Well boys and girls, we've had a fun time, haven't we?

2010, come and gone again, as fast as the wind is swift, as fleeting as the dragonfly's wings, as joyful and sorrowful and peaceful as a summer thunderstorm.

I have not changed a whole lot. Which is not to say I haven't tried, or have not the idea of change in mind, but a lesson I have learned is to try and to be are not one in the same, ever.

To change, I have to BE the change, not try to be the change.

This is going to be a year of change.

I haven't told many people this yet, but I'm not coming back as an RA next year, for reasons of my own and for the reasons of others. But that is a conversation to have in person, not something to discuss via web. If anyone sees this and wants to know what's up, call/text me.

I also am working as a wellness assistant in the gym, so I will be exercising close to every day. I will be getting a roommate. I will be getting a job at the brookstone in albany. I will writing every day, reading, acting, directing, and improving.

I will not be tolerating bullshit anymore, or falsities, or anything that seems to diminish or worsen my life. I will be making an effort to call it as it is, and be direct and honest even if it may hurt sometimes, myself or another.

I will not be good at this, not right away. I am my own natural enemy to change.

But I will follow this mantra, as another writer did before. I read this and was inspired. I hope this will be the mantra for my coming year, in everything I do:

I am my own enemy.
Resistance is my nature

I am aware of Resistance
And it prevents me from achieving the life I am meant to have

Resistance is self-generated, self-perpetuated
It Lies and Seduces. Its goal is my Utter Destruction
Every day is a battle for my soul.

This Moment. This Day.
I change my life.

Help me to defeat myself
and realize Fate.

A little schmaltzy? A little too much feel-good, peace loving, hippy dippy kind of mentality?

Maybe. But it's going to help me focus, and going to help me become the person I want to be, and I need to be.

As the writer, Jonathan Hickman says:

Tonight is the night I "stop being a dabbler, and become a creator."

You hear that 2011?

Right then. Let's do this.

2010, An Ending

Another year, another blog post.

2010, another year of fun, stress, comics, comedy, theatre, improv, work, writing, reading and so much more.

I don't have any words of wisdom at the moment; that will most likely come later on tonight when I am full of spirits, wistfulness, and nostalgia.

For the moment, all I'll say is this:

2010, you were a stepping stone into my third decade on this earth. We had some laughs, we cried a little bit, and nothing larger then a small tragedy made its way to my doorstep.

Thanks. Take care of yourself.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Something About Me Being Home

I am home.


That is all.

:: walks away ::

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

:: walks back, stomping angrily, grumbling ::

No. Y'know what? I want to review this semester just to see how much work I actually fr*aking did to show myself how insane my life has been.

-Worked and ended two jobs
-Did two weeks of training for reslife
-worked two ten hour days in the sun to move in new residents
-started taking 5 full academic courses
-12 weekday duties and 3 weekend duties
-Ran the Sketchy Characters club
-Helped put on at least 12 weekend shows, publicity stunts and a great PAC show
-Visited NYC with the Sketchys
-Acted in two theatrical productions, Prolix and Macbeth
-Had a new One-Act staged and performed
-Wrote my first 50,000 word novella
-Too many other small things to remember
-Read 11 Novels

Yeah . . . that's what I thought.

Pardon me while I pass out from exhaustion.

Monday, December 6, 2010


So Blog, I am back in the saddle.

And by back in the saddle, I mean I looked at my toolbar and saw that your link had gathered dust and feral internet creatures, guarding you fiercely so I, the abusive Master and Creator and Abandoner of thee, would not come back and harm you again.

I vanquished them to the trash bin, and now we are friends again.

Apparently, I have a beard now, and it is red and pointy and annoying and manly.

It was for Macbeth, which just closed this weekend and all in all it was a very amazing experience. I got my chance to play a serious role for the first time, which was a great challenge, as well as working in an arena theatre, in the round. The audience is RIGHT THERE, and it was very discomforting in the beginning but grew intimate and awesome as hell.

But things are grand. I completed Nanowrimo! 50,000 word novel, all done!

(The goal, not the book. But the book is coming.)

Now, I go to sleep, maybe, but hey, I'll be back soon Blog.

Stay classy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


For those of you who do not know, Nanowrimo stands for Nation Novel Writing Month. It takes place in the month of November, from 12:01AM on November 1st, allllll the way to 11:59PM on November 30th!

The goal?

Write a 50,000 word novel within those thirty days.

I'm sure your faces are like this


or this


or this


Yes that man has a pimple next to his nose. Look closely. It's called a question mark.

I've always wanted to do something like this, I have. My excuse was always, "I'm so busy!"

Well, I'm ALWAYS busy. So I figured it was time to shut up, and start writing.

So over the course of the month, I'll be writing a lot. Not just Nano, but school stuff, and hopefully blog stuff as I keep you updated on what I'm doing and how I'm doing.

I'll be working on a project called Underfoot.

Wish me luck!

More on my life to come!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Junior Year: The Year Time Ceased To Exist

This title isn't meant to be depressing, just realistic.

I have zero time for most anything. Sleeping, reading, eating, jogging, playing, and sometimes that includes blogging.

So you'll have to excuse these past two months of absence. (You don't have to though, I'm just asking nicely.)

But it's been a while, hasn't it? Course it has.

Let me fill you in on life, in the form of rhyme:

Camp Scuffy ended, however bittersweet
To Albany I went, my staff to meet

Training ensued, where we learned and we played
And I stood in front of a tower and danced for eight hours
on magical move-in day!

When my voice returned and my limbs stopped screaming
My residents, all forty of them, I started meeting
Most are great and I love 'em all
Just not when they smoke in their rooms, or party in the halls

But that's alright, nothing to do
Except lay down my authority and trust them to be smart
Cause most have common sense in their heart

Theatre's been popping, it's been my scene
Got three big show's going on, know what I mean?
New show opened last night, to some laughs and applause
Actors did well, family enjoyed, then sat and suffered for two more hours
(I know that didn't rhyme, shush)

Next week I get to play a cokehead
And then in December, I avenge my family
Against the Scottish tyrant, Macbeth

Sketchy Characters, my comedy family on campus
Are as awesome as ever. It's a big year
And awesomeness is in the air.

And that's about it. Family is well, school is awesome, job is well, theatre is well and sketchys are great, writing is getting done (eventually ha), and yeah . . . sorry this is so late. I've never been good at keeping a blog. I'll try to be better. Specifics coming soon on specific things!

Happy 50th blog post, Blog!!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Time Is Made of Bonfires and Starlight


Back to business.

I'm sorry Internet. I've been lacking in the blogging department.

But all is well. Summer is flying, faster then most magic carpets, and only a little slower then most fighter jets. I've been well, doing the five big things of my summer.

1: Writing
2: Reading
3: Acting
4: Working
5: Working (Out)

Most days involve hitting the gym, reading, getting some plotting on THC done, and hanging with friends when I'm not at Brookstone.

I'm also acting in a Shakespeare show at RCC this summer, this weekend actually. More on that at a later blog.

But yes, all is well. Tuesday begins camp season. I shall be taking care of fifth graders this summer, but that's cool. It should be a good time, and I'm paired with my friend Kasey to boot. So, that's good.

Anywho, I'm going to go sleep, and enjoy my last day of freedom.

Gnight internet, see ya soon.

Albany Countdown: 41 Days

Bone to Pick

Alright, look Internet.

I know this is late, and I will update you on my personal life in just a little bit.

But first, I got a bone to pick . . . WITH HUMANITY.

That's right humanity! I got my eye on you! Want to know why?

Here's an example: Let's say, I'm invited over to a friend's friends home, for some sort of estranged barbecue. Fair enough, don't know them well enough, but I'm more then welcome to come and enjoy myself. I walk in the door, they hand me a drink, ask how I'm doing, and help as best they can. They are immaculate hosts.

Then, I walk all over their couch, look at their dvds, throw some around, put them back in the wrong order, track mud on their rug, rummage throw their clothes, technology, food, piss on the toilet seat, not wash my hands, sit in every comfy chair, sleep in their beds, and just make a general ruckus of the home I've so cordially been invited into.

Would you do this in a stranger's home?


Then don't do it in my goddamn store.

I've worked three straight days at my retail store, and people are inconsiderate brutes, who use, soil, and take up all they can when they come into my store. They turn on gadgets, dishevel the shelves, knock over product, ignore signs and symbols, and are a constant mass of inconsiderate folks. Not all mind you, but enough that I went on this rant.

We are there to help you yes, NOT baby you and your vapid misuse of our product. I don't mind you using something, even if you are not going to buy it. But by all that is holy, clean up after yourself.

If I wanted to be paid to babysit, I would do that instead.

Sometimes retail makes me lose faith in humanity. Oftentimes, it does not. But I left work this weekend, even after selling a lot, and selling a big ticket even, cynical and tired. And I don't like that feeling.

So c'mon humanity . . . step your game up.

Alright, rant: ended.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Hello Internet.

Hope you're doing well, and enjoying the nice weather. Oh wait, that's right. You're stuck inside.


Things go well on this end. I'm back home after a very fun, very long semester. It feels nice to be back home, good seeing my folks, and I've even had a little time to myself before Bren gets home on Sunday.

Internship with Tor Books fell through it seems. I've tried contacting them over and over but there hasn't been any response. Ah well, what can you do?

That's why I had my back up plan!

Which is going to be Brookstone as always, and then Camp Scuffy again. Not thrilled but what are you going to do? The more I think about it, the less unhappy about I am. It's just that with Summer camp as many awesome things there are about it, there are unawesome things. But usually the good outweighs the bad. Usually. Here's hoping for a good summer there.

Writing is picking up steam again, like a train chugging on the tracks. Took a break with finals and all but I'm stepping back up to plate and back on track. Yes, I know there are two conflicting metaphors. I know what I'm doing.

Anywho, I think that is what I shall go do more of. See, it's funny for me. I can tell what nights are going to be good writing nights. Good nights, I can feel my fingertips warm up and just see them flying across the keyboard like that is what they were meant to do you know? Bad nights, well, my fingers are slow and lethargic and it takes forever to even IM it seems.

Here's hoping for a good writing night. Gnight!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I'm sitting in Brendan's monster of a bedroom here at Hartwick College, in the beautiful little town of Oneonta, while he is at a meeting.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Life has been crazy, and there is much to fill you all in on.

But truly?

It's just nice weather out there, and it feels great to have the sun back where it belongs.

But new things, let's see . . .

Went to Dippikill with the Sketchy Characters, where we had a rollicking good time, full of fun, drink, food, and 7 mile hikes

Then we went to Middlebury Vermont the weekend after, where we participated in an improv festival with a bunch of different improv teams from all over the northeast. It was a great time, a real eye-opener, and the team who invited us, Otter Nonsense, was amazing.

Also, I am the new President of the Sketchy Characters for next year. Here's hoping I can do well as President.

We had our big PAC Show on 4/20, which went really well, very proud of everyone involved.

Had Fountain Day, which was cold grey and miserable. Yet I believe it could be snowing, hailing, in the middle of an earthquake, raining frogs, and have the ground split open and have the devil running rampage during the apocalypse, and yet we'd still party just as hard. Cuz it's Fountain Day.

Saw Kick-Ass. Which was Kick Ass!

These coming weeks?

Last day of class. Finals. Aggies. Open Mic. Reslife Formal. Papers. Writing. Tests. IRON MAN 2. Free Comic Book Day (which is today). Work. And a picnic.

Now, off to more homework, and a good day with my brother in Oneonta. Also, thank you to Hope and Rachel for our new May Day shirts.

They Rock.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Personal Goals

I need new personal goals. Here they are.

-Get in shape
-Drop 15-30 pounds over the summer and beyond.
-Get more writing done
-Stop searching for a lady friend and whatnot

The End

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring In My Step

Well, it's currently 1:30 in the AM.

But I am home, surrounded by comics, dvds, books, magazines, cards, and sleeping family. So that means all is well as far as I am concerned.

I keep forgetting how long it's been since I've had a break from school, like a legitimate break, not just a, "come home for the weekend," thing. So that's nine weeks . . . yeah I know, right?!

It's so amazing to be home, with family, and even Brendan is here. Mike's back off in Germany, guy never even called to say goodbye . . . jerk. It's okay, I hold no malice, I shall instead sabotage and booby-trap his room for when he returns. I am most eager to try out my newest creation, which I call, the "Scorpion Cannon of Most Immeasurable Pain."

I got it off a Snapple cap.

But Spring Break (yay), is here and with it, relaxation. This week will still be busy though. Dad is winging off to London tomorrow, I'm visiting Albertus on Tuesday I think, and then Giuseppe and I are filming/playing tennis/five guysing it Wednesday. Also Blackest Night 8 is out then. My heart sings.

I'm also supposed to go see the AMHS drama tomorrow. I don't quite know how I feel about it. I hear good things, bad things, and excruciatingly terrible things as well. Yet, I have a certain loyalty to my friends and the school. So let us see how things go, review up soon then I guess.

Hmmmm . . . other news . . . hmmm . . . nothing right off the bat. I suppose then, I'll sign off for now, go get some sleep, which in my country, means go and read til the wee hours of the morning.


But here is some good news.

My latest one act, Heroics, is now going to be produced and directed by a theatre company downtown in Albany as part of their Short Play Festival. Kick. Ass.

I'll be signing autographs outside after the blogging. (just kidding)

Gnight! (not kidding)

PS: Happy Spring. Enjoy the weather before it becomes sweltering hot.

Friday, March 19, 2010

And The Curtains Come Down

It's been a crazy three weeks world.

And I'm sorry I haven't kept you in the loop. My past three weeks have been this:

Rehearsals. Plays. Shows. Laughter. Sketchys. Death. Romance. Slight dejection. Writing. Acting. Sleeping. Reading. Brothers. Family. Relay For Life. Cowboy Hats. Bro-Chill Time.

So there ya go.

My show was last weekend, had most of my family come down, even some folks from Massachusetts which was really nice. The show went great. My actors were on, the director made some really great choices, and the drum added an epic sense of power that was definitely a great choice.

A little sad it's over. But, life goes on, and if you're paying attention to the present, you'll just end up in the past.

So the writing goes on. I've been writing every day this week and of the week, and so far, doing well. Also, been hitting the gym as well, every day, half an hour, just to get myself warmed up to it again. Let's do this thing.

And yeah . . . tomorrow is Relay For Life, all day event, fighting cancer cause cancer sucks, and we need to kick its ass. True Story.

More on my life as it occurs, my friends. Good night and day and night.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Great Danes! No yeah, it's a dog, but like . . . the BIGGEST dog!"

Said Bo Burnham on Thursday, as he made fun of our school mascot, the great Dane.

I gotta say, he's not wrong.

But yes, a little background: Bo Burnham, only a few years back, was a teenager much like myself. Then he taught himself how to play instruments, wrote hilarious, witty and offensive material, and then to the scattered winds of Youtube they flew. And he was a hit.

Thursday, he came to our university to perform as a benefit for the Relay For Life, a cancer research benefit, to which he ironically said, "You guys got ME for a cancer benefit?"

Also, that same Thursday, myself and some members of the Sketchy Characters, the comedy group I am part of, go the chance to open for Bo.

It was fan-frickin'-tastic. We got there early, and got a chance to say hey to Bo, nice guy, tall sonofagun. But nice enough, if a bit quiet. We warmed up, got ready, as more and more workers kept coming back telling us things like, "Filling up quick in there," and, "Yeah, we just opened the back section."

By the time I was in the wings, about to take the stage, the main guy goes, "Hey, there's almost 700 people here tonight . . . have fun!"


But I took the stage, and began to MC, bringing small laughs and then getting us all started on improv. We did a few games of improv and my guys brought their A+ game that night. I was so goddamn proud of them all. Still am, actually. They did amazing. The crowd was responsive, laughed with us, I even got off a couple of good laughs. Then after improv, my pal Dustin came on a did some stand up and he brought down the house, the crowd loved him. We had our share of hecklers, but we dealt with them.

But Bo dealt with them even worse.

After out set, before he went on, he asked my friend Lauren, (who is so in love with him, she was positively glowing with joy that night), if there were hecklers out there at us. She told him yeah, but it was no big deal.

Bo took a sip of his water and said, and I quote, "Yeah . . . I'm going to teach those fucking bastards a lesson." And did he ever. He, a relatively famous and well-known comedian, stood up for us, a band of sketchy characters who as my friend Dustin said to Bo later, "Dude, we would perform for you for a slice of pizza and water."

So, I don't know if he'll ever read this, but thanks Bo. It was real classy of you to help us, sincerely.

And then Bo put on an amazing show, full of songs, haikus, small skits, more songs, misdirection, one hit zingers, audience participation, and more ripping on the guy who heckled us.

It was a great freaking show, and thanks again Bo.

Meet and greet after the show was awesome and I was perfectly content. We got to open for a great comedian, who actually talked to us a bit and stood up for us against arrogant asshats. Not only that, but we put on a great show, the Sketchys, for an audience who may not have known us.

Great show, great friends, great night.

More updates on personal life to come soon.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heart Beat

Hello my frolicking denizens of the internet, and how are we doing?

I know it's been a while, but I've learned to stop feeling bad about it all, I'm a busy and as they say, important man. Because being busy must mean you're important, as important people are very busy. Ah good old circular logic, I missed you!

Things are quiet on the home front, a lot less, I suppose the word is, unstressed, from last time. I've come to grips with most things, lost hold on others, and still whirling around some other things, but all in all, that's what life is usually, so I feel rather normal.

Writing is going well, working on a couple of new projects, and just submitted a show proposal to a company downtown, for their annual playwriting contest. Here's hoping, right? I'm doing a final final draft of Fallen, which goes up in less then a month, and working on a new one act play for my playwriting class, which I'll tell you, is titled, "Schrodinger's Coffin." (Copyright).

You'll see . . .

Work goes well, and steady. Classes are all really awesome, and residential life work is good for the most part. I am gaining better reflexes, as Mikela feels the need to turn the office into a war zone from time to time. I know not many people will throw rubber ducks at me in this life, but for the moment, I am skilled in dodging them. Fear me.

I'm still applying to be an RA next semester and I'm excited for it. Will it be busy and hectic with my schedule the way it is? Oh fuck yea! But will it be worth it? I sure hope so!

And I suppose that's it-- wait, it's what day?

Hmmmm, well I suppose I'll touch on this briefly . . .

It's right now 18 minutes into Valentine's Day. My thoughts you may be wondering?

Well, this is my third Valentine's day that I have been single. Does it suck? Yes. Is it heart-crushingly depressing? Eh, not really. Do I regret not having a special someone to buy roses and a pony for? No.

Because it'll happen when it happens. I don't see February 14th come up on the calender, and run out to the Girlfriend Store, just so I can be not lonely. Besides, the Girlfriend Store is expensive . . . And also because, I'm NOT lonely.

WHAT?! On this the day of loving a special someone, just ONE someone, and you don't have ANYONE to spend money on at all and you DON'T CARE?!

Uh, yea . . . because Valentine's Day is not just the, "buy stuff for your girlfriend only," day. It's the, "show everyone you love how much you care day, and if you happen to have a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, lover, it's preferable you show them the most appreciation," kind of day.

So naysayers of the world, they who live by the label hallmark and brand the price of eternal love at $2.99, I will say this: Valentine's Day is to show the love for all, not just one, and especially not on who can spend the most. In fact, how bout a challenge? Take the time this year, to show your Valentine how much you care for them, WITHOUT money. Try that out.

So a Happy Valentine's Day to my parents, my brothers, Bema, Papa, my sister Jesse and to all my friends at home, school and abroad. And to Matt Leonard, cause you can't spell bromance, without bro!

Please enjoy this exclusive interview with Cupid by my friend Mike Russell.

Happy V-Day folks.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What rhymes with Mess?



I've been a tad stressed.

Over improv-reslife-should-I-be-an-RA-classes-monologues-writing-plays-for-school-women-publishers-not-wanting-my-stories-blaaaaaaaaaaaargh . . .

K, I'm done with that, but now I clarify.

I'm debating on whether to be an RA next year or not. I want to be, I think I'd be good at it, and I want to definitely try it out before I leave college. And I DO think I'd be good at it. Yeah, maybe I need to work on being more assertive, and organized, but I think if I am really on top of shit, I can do this. The time commitment for next year works out the same either way as an RA or SA. So let's try it. Maybe =p

And yeah, I got a rejection letter from a publisher today, not going to tell you which. Yes, I know it happens and I got to stick with it and one day I'm going to look back and laugh. But right now?


But it's okay. It sucked for about 7 minutes, but right now it's okay. I just have to try harder, and better at what I do and what I love to do.

And that's all for now I suppose.

Weekend's going to be exciting though, Brendan is coming on up. SO THAT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME! We're going to hang out and he's going to hit on girls and we're going to be awesome!

Update ya then my web goblins!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ever Notice How The End Of The Road Looks A Lot Like The Beginning?

Because here we seem to be again. New semester, new classes, new schedules, new frustrations, and hopefully new friends. It all seems new and exciting and wondrous, partially because it and partially because it is not.

We've reached a nice cyclical point in our lives, so endings look like beginnings. I dread the point in my life when beginnings look a lot like endings.

But all is well, to be honest. I finished the latest draft of Fallen. This looks to be about the final draft actually. I can't imagine too much revision, aside from getting the page count down. As it stands, acts one and two are about the same length, but i think i need to still cut down act two. A well, I'll find out Thursday at the last reading.

Classes are good, and it is indeed nice to be back. Wednesdays are going to be brutal, but I can handle it. I'm taking a philosophy class which I'm warming up to, and exploration seems good; any guy who makes liberal use of star wars music, futurama and simpsons in the first class slideshow is a-ok in my book.

I am again a Pac Rat this semester. Playwriting with James which is great, audition techniques with Yvonne who is amazing and Acting 2 with Eileen who is a blast.

Take all of that, toss in a play I'm writing, Sketchys Characters, Residential Life, Theatre Council and trying to achieve plenty of sleep and it's going to be a good semester.

It's good to be back.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Adios Winter Break

Well ladies and gents, it's time again to pack the suitcase and head back to school. Shove all the clothes I own and like into two bags, about a pound of medicinal pills and whatnot, and a good fifty or more books.

Because yes, I have two boxes of books. One is a book box, one is a comic book box, both contain random dvds and the like.

It's getting kind of ridiculous. Ah well . . . such is the life I lead.

But it's been a great break. It has been surprisingly productive, especially since it's me we're talking about here. But it has been. Let's see . . .

-Edited 3 stories and they are currently on their way to publishers :: fingers crossed ::
-Started the third draft of Fallen, first act is done, second on the way
-Started a few new short stories
-Editing a couple of more stories
-Thoughts on new projects and novels
-Creating/editing new magic systems
-And very proud of this, I wrote a new One Act Play called Heroics which I'm pretty happy with, just need to edit it up, and par it down!
-Also, wrote a poem

And that's just writing productivity! I got a couple days of work in, finished Super Mario Bros. Wii (amazing!) and Batman: Arkham Asylum (Awesome!), saw tons of friends, had adventures, some fudged up dreams, had some good bro-chill time, and just had a great time with my family.

God, it's weird all this back and forth. Just reminds me of the huge change I felt when I first started the process. And if you know me, you know I hate change. I deal with it, but for example, I've ordered the same thing at Panera for the past three years, and I can't even change my wallet. (Don't tell my Mom, she'll be pissed).

But it's something I've gotten used to. Strange as it is, it's still nice to be heading back to school. The break is just long enough to enjoy home, and I did, I enjoyed it to its fullest. But now it's time to head back. Back to classes, reslife, theatre, my sketchys, TC, and the general insanity of my life.

I can't wait!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Because I just finished Batman: Arkham Asylum today! Yes, I know how late to the party I am . . . the cupcakes are all gone . . . But yeah, great, intense, amazing game. Go pick it up.

Plastic explosive punch for the win.

Longer blog coming soon Internet, just wanted to let you know I am alive. And --

-Started Fallen Final Draft, it's coming together
-Two stories fully edited and going to be sent out.
-Started new short story, and new magic systems are on the way in me noggin
-Please go sign up for the Worldbuilders Fundraiser on

Books and helping people unite!


Me Tired.

Night, night.

Night. I.

I am the night.

Fear me . . .

Okay I'm going to bed.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010, Welcome

Oh. Hey there. Yeah, hey, welcome --

New guy, right? Yeah, 2010, right, right. Good name.

Oh that? Yeah, that's the Universe. Sounds like a big responsibility, yeah, but don't worry about it. You do your thing, they'll do their thing.

What are they like? Ha, good one . . .

Seriously? Well, I can tell you what I can.

Most are good, honest, generous, hardworking, kind people with laughter in their hearts. Some are not. Some will lie and cheat and steal, and hold all virtues and values at ransom for their benefit. This is a universal truth.

But I can promise you this.

Most will try their very best, to be their best, in all they do.

Most will not succeed, not all the time.

But the important thing is they'll try. And they expect the same of you.

Give them happiness after tragedy. Allow them respite after trial. Give them song after suffering and joy after sadness. Give them sunshine after rain and a full moon on a dark night. And we don't expect you to be perfect 2010, no year is. But when there must be clouds, grace them with a silver lining.

The important thing is that as hard as they try, you must do the same.

No worries 2010, I'm sure you'll do just fine.


Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful new year's eve and has started off their new year right. I know I did.