Monday, December 6, 2010


So Blog, I am back in the saddle.

And by back in the saddle, I mean I looked at my toolbar and saw that your link had gathered dust and feral internet creatures, guarding you fiercely so I, the abusive Master and Creator and Abandoner of thee, would not come back and harm you again.

I vanquished them to the trash bin, and now we are friends again.

Apparently, I have a beard now, and it is red and pointy and annoying and manly.

It was for Macbeth, which just closed this weekend and all in all it was a very amazing experience. I got my chance to play a serious role for the first time, which was a great challenge, as well as working in an arena theatre, in the round. The audience is RIGHT THERE, and it was very discomforting in the beginning but grew intimate and awesome as hell.

But things are grand. I completed Nanowrimo! 50,000 word novel, all done!

(The goal, not the book. But the book is coming.)

Now, I go to sleep, maybe, but hey, I'll be back soon Blog.

Stay classy.

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